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Carrier Waves - Part Two

Zadkiel:  You still are able to clear just using the dynamics and the frequency patterns that we have discussed over the last couple of months.  But by adding sound you add an acceleration to actually alter the configuration in a way that alters the denseness that holds the stable concept in play.  In a very accelerated way it alters the denseness. Because of the vibratory level, it actually alters the denseness of the physical component that holds that concept in play in the creation and the experience.  

A Knowing of Beauty

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - A Knowing of BeautyZadkiel: There are many changes that are occurring within you on a physical level.  There will be a distinct difference and you will be shown this. This is between a feeling/emotion and a knowing that stems from information that comes through the Lightbody from Universal Mind.  There are components within the physical body that are in change that must be made to accommodate a fuller integration of the Lightbody into form.  The change, and I have heard you say this, is to change the carbon base form into another form that you perceive as crystalline in nature.