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Archangel Michael and Light Formats, Pt. 1

Archangel Michael and Light Formats, Pt. 1

Michael: I am very pleased to be here today. I have with me in this space, Metatron and Melchizedek and I am the spokesperson at this time for this particular session. We would like to talk about two things in this coming class: first of all – self awareness. Metatron mentioned this in a previous conversation … the value of self awareness in this process. Some are using, very efficiently, the tools and are growing their conscious awareness; although, they are not recognizing, yet, how this evolution is taking place. They really can’t see, touch, or feel that there has been a great change. This is understandable and quite common when this type of escalation in the consciousness and in the energetic imprinting begins to take hold.

You have some students who are struggling and having difficulty in grasping some of the concepts to the point where they are willing to develop a discipline to use them. And then, you have many in between. The fact that they come together in the group dynamic is very helpful to those who are struggling. The coming together, as you know and recognize, stimulates their energetic patterns and their amount of Light they are able to sustain.

That said, we would like to reiterate the importance of observing themselves in how the tools are utilized and what changes are occurring within them on all levels. It is a false expectation to see great changes in the physical realm. Some of these changes will be very subtle and will take awareness to recognize. They may have an intention to begin to notice how they function in their everyday life that is different from the way they functioned six months ago … especially in areas that they find difficult. We would ask that they begin to pay more attention to how they function in their daily life … what they are thinking … how they are feeling … how they are reacting (if they are reacting). These are important concepts now that we wish for them to begin to notice.

The other aspect that we wish to address in this session is about building and maintaining the Light quotient. This is done through using the tools that they have received, intentionally and consistently. As they use the spin and breathe Light down into the first Triad, draw in this Light with the intention of growing the amount of Light they are able to hold within their energetic field. This will make the Light usable in various applications that they have been taught, such as creating the liquid Light. It also will make them more aware of the availability of those energetic formats that are housed in Universal Mind.

These energetic or Light formats are of a nature that they are not translatable into a language, or into precise, conceptual forms that are held in the mental body. They are Light frequencies and formats that are very usable in all parts of the energetic system that will begin to be noticed at a later date. But now is the time that they are being drawn in and, shall we say, ‘deposited’ within the energetic system for use at a later date.

Now, I will pause, so that we can have a more interactive conversation, and you might ask questions.

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Archangel Michael as they prepare to teach a class together.

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