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The Armageddon Has Been Displaced

The Armageddon Has Been Displaced

Kuthumi: Greetings. It is I, Kuthumi! This timetable is stepping up. It is very clear that it is going faster and faster because of these things that have been put in place over the last several years of your time. It cannot happen until certain energies come into play within the system. Until the energetics of the dense physical realm was altered by those in form this conversation could not be happening. So, it is quite wonderful.

There are still a few things that we wish to make available to you and to help to escalate with stability, these changes that will occur in the coming months. It is not a future event, as you well realize. It is happening now, continually. It is an ongoing process that will continue to escalate at warp speed because the Light frequencies that are in place now and are being used facilitate that to occur.

As your Earth steps up and embraces these changes, it affects every part of Creation. As you and your students begin to see a more expanded picture of yourselves this further escalates your ability to create from that fifth, sixth, seventh, dimensional perspective in a unity that was never possible previously; even before the Fall of Consciousness. We have, in some ways, surpassed those energetic components that were present at the dawn of creation of your planet. These are very, very exciting and accelerated times to be embodied. Many who were not able to embody at this time are waiting and petitioning to be given bodies so that they might participate.

Jim: Yes. Very exciting. Let me say what I see in terms of just creating a perspective and have you comment on this. It appears to me that with the Eye of Horus being activated there becomes a conscious awareness of a very expanded realm of realities, physical and non-physical. That awareness allows the Soul and the individual to become very merged. And, that merging begins to be a unified merging of all beings on the planet as a oneness very rapidly unfolds.

Kuthumi: You are absolutely right. To take that a step further, it opens and escalates that possibility for all physical realms, on other planets and in other universes, who have form to also escalate their consciousness, their Soul and Spirit, in a merging that was not possible previously. It affects the non-physical realms of creation. There is a domino effect that is taking place this very moment. It affects the Master Realm; it affects the Angelic Realm; it affects the Elohim; all realms. There is not one realm that will not or is not being affected by this Shift.

Jim: It also appears to me that the work we’re doing in these sessions right now (changing the physicalness, raising a relationship of Light into the physical) is a very specific key to this transformation.

Kuthumi: Absolutely. It is essential. The role that this body of spiritual beings is playing is absolutely significant in bringing about the expansion that we are talking about.

Can you imagine, if this work had not been done and the consciousness had not been brought into the physical body and physical realm? What would happen if that Shift took place and that amount of Light begins to be embodied at a very accelerated, rapid rate? What would happen to the psyches, to the body itself, to the world in which you live? What would happen if there were no steps taken in a very precise way to accommodate that expansion?

Jim: It would have been a very challenging experience.

Kuthumi: It would be Armageddon – which was prophesied

Jim: So, just to emphasize: what is being done is the transformational pivot point that brings the Light into an existing state that would never have happened otherwise.

Kuthumi: Correct. The acceleration is massive. The Armageddon has been displaced because of very precise energy formats that have been put in place by you, by your students, and by many others around the world. These are very small pockets working very diligently to stabilize and build a container to hold these massive energetics that will propel the Shift at lightening speed and in a much more calm and usable formatting. Even those who have remained unconscious and are still unconscious as this Shift enters fully and completely will just wake up one morning and be part of it, as if it were a normal course of their day.

Jim: How wonderful is that.

Kuthumi: It is most thrilling. And sometimes, when I say, ‘I am so excited or, I am ecstatic for you,’ you can only just reach a glimmer of what that ecstasy is on our end. We cannot accomplish this alone. It takes everyone, every part of creation, to get behind the impetus of what is happening.

Jim: On behalf of all of us, we are sooo grateful. You are the ones who stood up and said, ‘We care.’ And, fortunately, enough of us listened.

Kuthumi: And, you stood up and said, ‘We care. Let’s change this together.’ It takes a body; it takes a physical embodiment to pull this off. The exciting thing for me to watch is that glimmering of consciousness of your eternal Essence. That portion of ascension is not the end; it is only the beginning because you are eternal. You are beginning to glimpse that through all the exercises and pieces and parts that we have put in motion through these students, and through you, as the teacher. 

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration the Level 3 course unfolded.

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