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Ascension...How Do You Do It?

Ascension...How Do You Do It?

Ascension is a fancy word for your growth and evolution as a conscious Spiritual Being. It is your journey to become more conscious and connected to Source. As a Spirit, you separated yourself from Creator so you could create a new path back Home and remember yourself in the process. So how do we create that new pathway back to Creator when we still experience all the limitations and restrictions we have in this 3D reality? I will explain how, so you can choose to explore the possibilities.

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Part One Questions and Answers

  1. How do I avoid the chaos that can happen around us with ascension?
  2. I’m experiencing physical ascension symptoms.  Will this program help me to calm and balance these energies?
  3. Will we all become aware of our agreements in this lifetime?
  4. How is it that some people who don’t seem to have worked on the geometries you describe have advanced levels of consciousness?
  5. I’m a kinesthetic learner and this sounds very mental to me?
  6. Do we just have a soul in this lifetime but don’t have it after we die and move out of this?
  7. Can you talk about the possibility of conversing with your own soul extension?
  8. Would you say it’s the path of self-inquiry that presents this state of recognizing choice?
  9. How much does our age play into our purpose?
  10. What is the difference between the rays of creation and the rays of light we were born under?

Part Two Questions and Answers

  1. Can an older 65+ beat-up body comfortably handle all the rewiring and amazing levels of light?
  2. You said we were asked to help long ago.  Did I find MA solely by chance?
  3. How will my inner work affect my kids?
  4. My physical body has reached a level of awareness in the third chakra that is uncomfortable.  Any advice?
  5. How do you tell the difference between a negative thought and a premonition?
  6. How will we interact with other humans who are at different levels of development?
  7. Will there be, or are there now, instances of spontaneous ascension experiences?
  8. What do the flame in the heart, pink diamond, and sacred heart look like?
  9. What can be done with feeling a sense of un-allowing or not having permission?
  10. The more I work on this the more I seem to aggravate other people.  Will this get better?
  11. Why has this work not affected my financial lack?
  12. Is the structure of level 2 and 3 classes similar or different than level 1?