Axiatonal Frequencies and Your Lightbody - Part One

Axiatonal Frequencies and Your Lightbody - Part One

Axiatonal Frequencies and Your Lightbody - Part One - Mastering Alchemy BlogMichael: Greetings, It is I, Michael. Today’s transmission is a little different in that it is being transmitted from realms in which you have not yet received transmissions. Within this realm there is a triad. And the triad encompasses energetics from Metatron, myself, and Melchesidek. It is being transmitted through Lightbody, and it is a little digression in certain ways. It is necessary, however, to lay a foundation in order that you might understand and receive more information regarding the seventh, eighth, ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Rays. It is an energetic endeavor in which certain components of the Lightbody are activated. To enable this transmission to be integrated and the foundation to be put into place.

There are certain components in the Lightbody that you must be aware of. For it is these components that raise the Lightbody to higher levels of existence and evolution of the Soul. These components are configurations of light elements, light patterns, light frequencies. There is also a component of electromagnetic frequencies that enable wisdom or knowledge from higher realms of existence to be placed and integrated within the system.

There is also a component that we have not discussed, and this component is a configuration of energetics with which you are unfamiliar. It is a very complex set of patterns that involve light frequencies, as well as the electromagnetic frequencies, and also another energetic component which is called axiatonal frequencies. And it is these things that need to be discussed in order to lay the proper foundation.

We have spoken to you in regards to various light frequencies, electromagnetics, patterns and energetics. The axiatonal component and frequencies are very foreign to you in some regards, although you have briefly experienced the beginning level what I am about to express to you at this time. This component enables very refined frequencies of light to be transmitted and utilized to bring about higher states of consciousness. It is these axiatonal patterns that are present when you begin to come into more elevated states of awareness.  It is the connective energetics that enable the transmission of the knowledge from these higher realms of thought. These realms of thought are not accessed by beings who are below the awareness of sixth dimensional reality.

Beings who operate within and below the fifth dimension and the beginning realms of the sixth dimension have no need for these energetics. Their consciousness has not developed to the point where they even have the awareness or could consider that there is more information, knowledge, or different frequency patterns available. These levels of energetics are very protected and unavailable until a certain set of frequency light patterns are installed within the Lightbody. It requires a soul evolution (certain levels of merging the physicality with the soul essence) in order for one to begin to refine the Lightbody to such a degree that these axiatonal frequencies can be received and utilized. These axiatonal frequency patterns are a very refined set of what you would call wiring. Connective energetics.

Jim: Is it a flow?

It is much more than a flow. It is difficult to put it into your language, as a word needs to be devised. It is not a physical wiring, but it is of that nature that enables these axiatonal frequency patterns to be transmitted and received. Various channels carry these transmissions and these channels are in themselves quite complex. They do not flow in directions; what you would consider from high to low or east to west, north to south. But there is a very definite pattern to these various channels that carry these more refined and higher frequency patterns. And as these channels are brought into the Lightbody, the Lightbody then is able to receive the transmissions of these higher realms that are very complex and refined.

When these channels are installed, these energetics begin to flow into the Lightbody. The Lightbody then begins to create channels that extend into the various realities and multidimensional bodies that are present in the individual. And it is through these channels that these refined energetics and knowledge are able to be transmitted into the physicality of the existence.

It was very important that we lay the foundation for this understanding, because much of the information that is needed for an understanding of the workings of the higher Rays must be integrated through these channels. Even though you are receiving a transmission in your spoken language, there is a much broader spectrum to these transmissions that is brought through in an energetic manner. In order for you to fully integrate this knowledge of these higher Rays and how they can be utilized, this foundation had to be made. And these channels have to be installed and operative. As this is brought into your conscious awareness at this time, it will take at least ninety days of your time for these channels to be installed and integrated in a very basic way in order for you to begin utilizing your Lightbody in the degree that is necessary.



Here I am.

These conersations are invaluable!  The energetics and knowingness is greatly enhanced by reading these slowly and CONSCIOUSLY.  Many thanks, Jim and Roxanne