Axiatonal Frequencies and Your Lightbody - Part Two

Axiatonal Frequencies and Your Lightbody - Part Two

Mastering Alchemy BLog - Axiatonal Frequecies and Your LightbodyMichael: These axiatonal energetics have, as I have said, many components, just as light frequencies have many components. And these components are from a very high and refined source. They are utilized by Masters and beings who reside in realms higher than what  you are aware of, higher than your dimensional realities of the twelfth dimension. These patterns and these energetics are being transmitted from some of these beings through these channels and the axiatonal energetic.  

As we have progressed in this material, and you have been able to access higher realities and dimensional thought forms, you are now being brought to a more accelerated state of being, where it is necessary for you to begin to integrate these channels to accommodate this information. So that you might, first of all, understand at a level of physicality. Secondly, so that you might integrate these higher frequency energetics into all levels of your being. And thirdly, that you might be able to then use these energetics to create for yourself and for humanity, a level of consciousness that is desired.

We will now allow an integrative time for these channels to be integrated and to become more functional. But I might add that there are some things that will be necessary for you to begin to assist us in this instillation. First of all, you must continue to work with the eighth Ray so that any non-coherent patterns or hindrances are continually being removed. Secondly, it is important that you recognize the mutations that caused the Fall of Consciousness must be brought into your conscious awareness. Attention can be paid to any non-coherent energetic component that has not been reconfigured and integrated into the higher light frequencies that are available to you.

Thirdly, begin to consciously put an effort into recalling very subtle information and energy patterns acquired in your sleep state, at times when you are in various classes beyond the veil. It is important that you recognize some of these dynamics that are being taught to you, and bring them into your conscious awareness. You must make a concerted effort to bring this information into the consciousness, so that you will be fully aware of any non-coherent energetics that might be still attached to not just your physical or emotional body, but other areas of your being. You also might then begin to see through your higher mind’s eye as these channels are being brought into your Lightbody configuration.

They are quite beautiful to behold in their light essence. There is a magnificent realm of color and vibration. Colors that you cannot describe, as they are not seen with the physical eye and vibratory levels that are very expansive. Keep these things in your conscious awareness, and with your intention. Paying attention to this on a daily basis will very much help us in this integrative process and will escalate it in such a way we can begin to utilize these channels in a shorter period of your time.

Jim:  I am grateful. Thank you very much, Michael.

Michael: Before I withdraw, I am reminded that it is also important in this process that you keep in your conscious awareness my presence. As I am a key part in this integrative process, these channels that are being created, as is Metatron, as is Melchesedek. Now you have knowledge of us as beings who have certain duties, but this awareness of our own personal complexities and duties in regards to higher realms will be very expanded, and our relationship with you will become also very expanded. So to call on us, and to keep us in your thoughts will also facilitate a timely integration.

It will be unlike anything you have experienced thus far, in regards to relationships with other beings and other Masters.


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Dear Jim & Roxane,


As I read this article, more things make sense to me now. I've been experiencing a very high vibration during my  meditations.


Today, during a session massaging a client, I looked at Michaels pictures and felt a warm connection with him.  For while now, say a couple of years or more, before I touch a client, I call upon the Archangels, the holy spirit, and now added the Rays and thee elementals to assist the session with unconditional healing love!


Feels so good to be connected!


Loving light!

Hilda from Ohio :)