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Building Your 5D Point of Observation

Building Your 5D Point of Observation

Mastering Alchemy Free Webinar - Building Your 5D Point of Observation


Most humans are influenced by the past and worry about the future. This point of observation creates an imbalance and uncertainty. Building a platform of awareness in a fifth dimensional state of well-being is not difficult however some assembly is required. Join us to learn how to build this platform and stay upon it.


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Part One

Track 1 (14:47) Lecture
Track 2 (50:03) Exercise
Track 3 (30:57) Q&A

Complete Part One (01:35:48)

Part 1 Questions and Answers

  1. I was the target of hostility two days this week.  Is this old energy patterns being lived out from... ‘I’m not OK’ or is it nothing to do with me at all?
  2. Will I lose my empathic abilities in doing this work as I work on filtering out the noise of others?
  3. This is so pleasant.  Is this how we can expect to feel in 5D?  Is this the new normal?
  4. I don’t quite understand cognitively what we just did.  Can you please give a brief summary?
  5. Even though I don’t look at the news is it possible to still be affected by the energy?
  6. How do I incorporate the MA work into other alternative health modalities?
  7. I have had several dreams showing major old feelings from the past.  What is the best way to clear this type of old feeling?
  8. At the end of your book you said the goal of our life is to make Paradise on Earth.  Why just Earth and not Everywhere?
  9. Is there a way to experience the more ‘down’ days as pure experience?
  10. If I start Level 1 one now will I have time to complete it to enroll in Level 2?

Part Two
Track 1 (19:12 Lecture
Track 2 (46:11) Exercise
Track 3 (32:23) Q&A

Complete Part Two (01:37:47)

Part 2 Questions and Answers

  1. You say when stuff comes up not to respond to it.   Can stuff come up in our dreams?
  2. Why are there so many more women in this work than men?
  3. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the middle of my head and get headaches.  Any suggestions?
  4. Last week you said something about the level 2 and 3 programs are being accelerated?  What does that mean?
  5. I feel like I’m going into a deeper level of meditation with this work.  It feels like I get unconscious but that’s not really what is.  Does that make sense?
  6. The first time I listened to a webinar it was very relaxing, the second time it was very uncomfortable.  Can you explain this?
  7. When we get to the concept of clarity I freeze and I’m not getting to what is behind this.  Will I be able to release this with time?
  8. When looking for work how do you align yourself and draw the job to you?
  9. I live in Turkey and I’ve been witnessing all the possible outcomes of the Shift.  If I’m experiencing all that’s going on, is it is the ‘who I am not’ or am I participating in the Shift to well-being?