Carrier Waves - Part Two | Mastering Alchemy

Carrier Waves - Part Two

Carrier Waves - Part Two

Zadkiel:  You still are able to clear just using the dynamics and the frequency patterns that we have discussed over the last couple of months.  But by adding sound you add an acceleration to actually alter the configuration in a way that alters the denseness that holds the stable concept in play.  In a very accelerated way it alters the denseness. Because of the vibratory level, it actually alters the denseness of the physical component that holds that concept in play in the creation and the experience.  

You will, as you play with this, not only see the relevance of the acceleration and the ease of which the pattern is altered but you will also begin to see the denseness that begins to dissipate and be altered. The actual physical denseness that is held in such a rigid form begins to be altered. There is a more fluid and open possibility of seeing various ways to create new patterns and to alter patterns that are in the experiential realm at the present time.  

Jim:  Very good. Let me ask one question.  If a bell was used, is that bell a tone that flows through the intention? Or is it a creation of a carrier wave that then the intention flows upon?

Zadkiel:  It is a carrier wave.  This is a very important concept. When using sound, the actual physical components that are created are carrier waves.  Just as we have explored ways in which frequency patterns are held or the construction of various frequencies for different applications. there are carrier waves that are created and used in the physical realm that alter the physical realm and alter the manner in which the rigidity is either formed or loosened or lessened.

The sound component in all of this is a very key component in the creative process.  It is as important as light frequencies, color and geometrical configurations.  They are all an aspect of the creative process.  That is not to say that you cannot create certain things that do not have the sound component, but it is very limiting. When we get into the ninth and tenth Rays we will also explore more of the components of sound and carrier waves.  We will be discussing the various carrier waves which have complexity just as frequencies have complexity.

I will now allow you some time to experiment and to condense this information in a very useable way. This will be invaluable to your students in dismantling some of the long held patterns that they have struggled with for quite some time.  Just by adding that component of sound as they work with the various concepts and approach the awareness of cellular memory, it will make it a much easier process. And a much more escalated process. That awareness, that state of consciousness in itself alters the physical experience.

Jim:  I can see that. I’m very grateful for your assistance. This is wonderful.

Zadkiel: Very good. I am pleased. I will withdraw now. Blessings.

Jim:  Blessings.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.