The Chakra System Must Change, Part 2 | Mastering Alchemy

The Chakra System Must Change, Part 2

The Chakra System Must Change, Part 2

Kuthumi:  Here is where we step up and into that fifth dimensional state of consciousness and begin to work with the chakras as you did in the last class. Bringing in the aspect that was laid down through Michael and Metatron around the reconfiguration of those first four chakras. Then sustain and build the formatting to hold that state of consciousness in place in the physical realm.

The student has already begun the reconfiguration and spiraling of each of the first four chakras. This is the individualized spiraling and expressions of their infinite ability to create according to their original Soul Essence or blueprint.  As they created that individualized rotation of each chakra and the spinning at a very high vibrational level, that is the container that they have created to hold fifth dimensional expression in the physical realm, in the physical body, in the physical world. 

This is crucial to develop that formatting or container. As you begin to create from within that container, you use each of those chakras in a very precise way.  And the chakras maintain their vibratory level. You use your mental body and your emotional body in a more merged way, from a fifth dimensional position.  You create the thoughts and the emotional impetus to put that creation in play in your physical body as you interact with others.

You operate within that consciousness, within the physical body.  You are bringing up that physical body into a higher expression of experience.  All of these pieces and parts that have been given over the last few months were building blocks to this point, Now.  And, we haven’t even addressed any further the upper chakras involving the spin.

Jim:  What’s interesting about this is one piece leverages another piece. This piece then turns around and reaccelerates and leverages that first piece again.

Kuthumi:  Correct. Energetically, the students who are working with this have created a formatting within each of those first four chakras and have begun to establish a vibration and a spiraling and a rotation that comes more in line with the spin mechanism that they have received from Source. They have begun to use it.

When they received that, it was like the body was cut in half. They had the upper chakras working at a vibratory rate and the lower chakras were not compatible. In order to incorporate that within the physical form, attention has to be placed within the first four chakras. This is all about operating in the physical body while in higher states of consciousness.

Jim:  Yeah.  Very nice.  Very clear.

Kuthumi:  As we establish this formatting and these concepts there are just minor adjustments that are made along the way. Adjustments using the fourth, fifth, and sixth Rays in a very creative, expansive way.  If that means using languaging and making minor adjustments that better express what that formatting is from fifth dimension, new words will begin to be created.  New languaging is used to express what is occurring in the experience of the physical body, in the physical realm. These are just minor adjustments.  It is not a big, huge step that is taken because you are developing and creating that electromagnetic field that sustains and holds the fifth dimension in play in the physical body and in the physical world.

Jim:  Yes.  This is very exciting. The emotional/mental body just stops paying attention to the third dimension.

Kuthumi:  Yes. This is the piece that needs to be established now in this session; in this next class.

Jim:  The emotional/mental body has so many other choices.

Kuthumi:  Yes.  And you recognize and make those other choices.  When you make them, that mental and emotional body begin to create in unison. They are no longer separate. Because, you are creating in unity, you are not creating in a polarized state of consciousness in separateness.  It is all operating very cohesively.

Jim:  This is a significant acceleration of taking the emotional/mental body into the spiritual space with the Soul.

Kuthumi:  Correct.  This is another key piece. As you function in the world, in a body, you function with unity, having all of those concepts understood and used. It is extremely exciting to be able to bring this into the physical realm at this time with a group of students who are ready to use these concepts. They are opening the doorway for others to follow in a very short period of time.

Jim:  This will be a fun class to create. 

This is an excerpt from a conversation with Master Kuthumi in preparation for a class. Communication through Joan Walker.