The Collective Moving from the Third Dimension - Part Two

The Collective Moving from the Third Dimension - Part Two

Zadkiel: This understanding is difficult to come upon when you have been embodied in a culture and in a form that has very definite constructs with applications and laws that govern those constructs. So allowing the thought to come from another state must take place in order to produce the fluidity that is needed to explore the various components and possibilities of creation.

Jim: From that third dimensional mindset, there’s a nice pathway that’s being created here in terms of starting with the geometries and then raising the consciousness level in the octahedron, then stepping into these various states of consciousness. Then utilizing the first, second and third Rays of Creation and applying the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays specifically to deconstruct and destabilize the third dimensional rigidity. Then this pathway allows us to step into these higher geometries and begin to apply the eighth Ray to the realignment of the schematic patterns.

Zadkiel: Yes. When you use that process step by step, what you are doing is dismantling the rigidity and the constructs that hold third dimensional coherency and density. When the understanding is gained by stepping into a little higher vibration that is created in the cube, then one begins to see flexibility, one begins to see more options. One begins to see that some of the rules and the rigidity do not apply in that creation. Then the creator has not only the ability but the freedom to explore different applications in new, different ways.

There is no incorrect way to apply vibrations, frequencies, of sound, color and light. One of the rules or the law that holds third dimension in such rigidity is the component of right and wrong. Without that law, you are able to create in a more fluid way. This does not negate that every creation, every action will have a re-action, or a manifested result. But when you are able to step out of the rigidity of the thought of right and wrong then it allows for the fluidity to be in play continually and if the manifested result is not what is desired it can be very easily, instantaneously altered and changed.

Playing in the geometries, with color, sound, and the various thought levels, is an avenue that you want to continue to explore because this will provide a much broader perspective from which to not only experience but to create. You will begin to understand the impact that the various vibrations of color and sound make in a creation.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.