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The Eye of Horus-Disintegration

The Eye of Horus-Disintegration

Uriel:  With the Eye of Horus template in play there is an unlimitedness and a knowing of the infinitive expression of the Divine. This is a very helpful template that is now being given to these students. After the initiation and as we then begin to work more earnestly with the first, second, third and fourth chakras, we begin to create the formatting to hold those chakras in the full expression of that infinite blueprint of the Living Light as it is expressed in a physical realm; in a physical body. Can you see how this progression has occurred over the last months.

Jim:  Oh, yes.  What’s fascinating to me is watching the disintegration of these more rigid states of consciousness. The concept that this is work we are doing together is an experiment is now fitting into a larger piece. I can enjoy it from a different vantage point than I had enjoyed it previously.  This is exciting.

Uriel:  Yes. The thing that is most exciting to us is, to watch that disintegration as the students actually participate with us and create the changes within the chakra system. That disintegration begins to happen without the effort that was put forth as the eighth Ray was explored and worked with. There was a lot of effort put into that clearing. Now, because that clearing was achieved, this energetic or formatting allows for further disintegration of fallen concepts of the third dimension with very little effort. You and the students are able to maintain a state of consciousness. You are able to use the Living Light, the Light frequencies and the radiations of color, in a much more expansive way.

This Eye of Horus or Eternal Eye sets the formatting or the template now for you to begin to utilize some of the concepts of the sixth dimension that you have not even had awareness of. It opens the possibility of some of those sixth dimensional energetics and concepts to begin to be opened into your reality.

Jim: Those concepts move very fluidly and very quickly.

Uriel:  Yes.  Very quickly.  Faster than what you call the speed of light. That is why it is so important now to receive and use this particular energetic format – so the Living Light is available and usable. There is no restriction. Even though this particular visualization and concept has been around for a very long time within the physical realm, after the Fall of Consciousness it was not understood what that Eye represented. It was not understood what the energetics were that were contained within it. The presence of the Living Light is very extensive and very, very potent. That could not be perceived, nor understood, in a third dimensional state of consciousness.  

It was not removed from this realm, as many things were removed at the time of the Fall. It was not removed because it was necessary to have it in place even though it was not understood or usable. As the gateways and the doorways were opened to a higher state of consciousness, then it was very easy for the Soul to absorb the concept of its unlimited nature. Even though it was inactive, it still held a possibility of the unlimited potential that was always available. There was always that Light that shone very freely. The possibility was always there.  Many times it was misunderstood; but it was always there.

We are very excited about the opportunity to activate this format now for these students. It is all, as you say, occurring simultaneously.  As these students are participating in this experiment, it affects all levels of Creation, in the physical and the non-physical realms.  It affects the actions and the reactions of past, present and future.

We thank you very much.  I will withdraw now.  Blessings.

Jim:  Blessings.

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration this course unfolded.