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The Eye of Horus-What You May Notice

The Eye of Horus-What You May Notice

Metatron: Many things have occurred since last we spoke. There has been an extreme upgrade within the physical template of your body and those of your students. You will have many variations in the way this is experienced. At the beginning, there is a great ‘high’ that is gained from the energetics and the Light frequencies that were received in the last class. As those become more integrated, there are many experiential results. The Living Light is of a much different vibration. It has a different template than has ever been experienced in the physical form in the times in which you live. These components, at this level, were available in the ancient of times before the Fall of Consciousness. Those were much different times where beings experienced form in different ways. 

As the templates are reactivated, and the Light frequencies are put into place to raise the physical vehicle as well as the physical realm to a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, there will be many times that the mental and the emotional bodies seem to be more fragmented than previously. This is untrue. It is the way those bodies experience those higher frequencies of Light that they are unaccustomed to using and absorbing. Until this integration period has taken place, you will have various experiences; from states of joy, ecstasy and connection with the Creator to states of anxiety, doubt, and depression. 

The Eye of Horus template, that was installed, is designed primarily to bring the emotional and the mental bodies into a more unified, coherent state. Because of the nature of these energetics, sometimes the body finds it difficult to find a resonance and balance that will allow that unity to begin to be cohesive and usable. I am not saying these things to put you in doubt. I am saying that they are possibilities, and as Uriel has said, ‘It will take six months for the body, at all levels, to begin to accommodate and use this energetic template.’

You will find varying states in the first 30 days of the implementation of this template. Therefore, it is important that time be given to contemplation and connection with the All That Is. This occurs through states of prayer and being in that state of consciousness of utilizing the Light frequencies that have been installed.

Now, the students need another week to work with this template before we begin to bring in anything new. In a couple of weeks, Master Kuthumi will return to begin to teach and show the way in which this template will assist in working with the first four chakras to begin a more complete integration and change within that chakra system; bringing it up to speed and connecting it with the eighth chakra. The eighth chakra is more of the Soul Essence; the ‘Over Soul’ as some term it. This is the more expansive Soul that is in unification with the Monad and with a fuller expression of its divine essence as it relates to Creator, or Source.

Now, I will pause to take questions or to have conversation.

Jim: I understand what you’re saying. I don’t think I really have any questions. The response has been, generally, very noticeable on the part of many of the students. They’re very pleased with what’s going on. They are demonstrating it and speaking it.

Metatron: Very good. These other experiences may not come about if they spend time, as was suggested, working with the guided meditations that you have led them in, in the last two classes. Spending that time cultivating those energetics and connecting the Soul with the higher expressions of the Soul and to Prime Creator, they can sidestep some of these negative reactions. It depends on how much work has been done in using the first four chakras in the reconfigured configuration. Those who have been very diligent in that reconfiguration will find this process a very resonant process with their Soul and will have little difficulty moving forward.

I would like to, in this next class, continue to work with the energies and the concepts that they have received in the last two sessions.

Jim: I can do that comfortably.

Metatron: It will be, as you call it, a ‘working session’ where you guide them and organize the energetics to make this integration with more ease.

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration this course unfolded.

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