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The First Chakra and The Rays

The First Chakra and The Rays

Jim:  I’d like you to give me an example of how, say, red, green, yellow are used as applications. When we paint red, green, yellow on a wall it changes the feeling in a room. What is the application of that color beyond changing the feeling of an environment, for example?

Metatron:  Well, let us take the application of the first chakra.  You know this chakra as it pertains to the dense, physical realm and you’ve heard or read that it vibrates to the color vibration of red.  You also know the second Ray of Creation carries red and many other color expressions and vibratory rates.  You are not limited.  We are now stepping into the Infinite Realm of form and non-form.  You are not limited to a certain shade or vibration of red but can use all of these vibrations and colors that are available in the second Ray and make them usable in the first chakra, in the physical experience.

What you are doing is you are creating an environment, just as you created an environment when you used the eighth Ray and the Cube.  It is very similar because there are geometric progressions that accompany these color vibrations.  They step up one’s ability to hold a consciousness to sustain an energetic vibration within the physical body.

Let us give you an example of this. As you begin to work with the first three Rays you are raising your conscious awareness of the availability of this Ray in your creations and how they are stepped down and made usable within the physical body through the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays which you have done much work on. What we are asking you to do now is take the work you have already done in the first chakra in regards to well being and expand that. Add the availability of the first three Rays as well as the fourth, fifth, and sixth Rays and begin to energetically add an unlimited vibratory rate. Use the color red from the second Ray and increase the vibration that is available within the first chakra. Questions?

Jim: No questions. I’m following along.

Metatron: The dependence of having to be in a family unit to be accepted and shown how to operate in the physical world in third dimension was essential for survival of that body. Since we are no longer concerned with that survival, we have a much broader range of consciousness now available to the Soul from the fourth and fifth dimensions and fast approaching the sixth and seventh dimensions.  You can see how attention must be now turned to the first four chakras and the vibratory rates that are contained within those chakras … and your ability to escalate those vibratory rates to bring your consciousness to a different state and to sustain those energetic vibrations and frequencies at very escalated rate.

Jim:  Yes. What you’re saying is, ‘Here are the keys to unlock the limitedness that we have limited ourselves to.’

Metatron:  Correct.  And here is the key to the ignition that helps you sustain the energetics, the vibrations and the Light frequencies that help you sustain those energetics to allow you to be the interdimensional being that you were designed to be and operate in the physical body at a very escalated, energetic state.

Jim: I can see the intricacies and the complexity to this, in a very simple way, as you begin to change the color, the geometry, the sound. Is the Holy Spirit where the knowingness comes, along with the desired intention?

Metatron: That is absolutely right. It is also the bridging mechanism between form and non-form; between the outer realms of Creation and the inner realms of Creation that are concerned with the Godhead or Prime Creator.

Jim: This is where I see the limitation. We still want to look back into the mental/rational mind to validate and find the answer.

Metatron: Correct.  And, you cannot find it in relation to these concepts that are being presented. They are not compatible energetically.

Jim: So, there’s a trusting, in a very positive way, that when you rearrange the blocks or change the color, or change the sound, the answer will lie where the experience is created. And you understand the experience that was just created. 

Metatron: Correct.

Jim: So, this is really a little, and yet, a big step. This letting go of that rational mind and leaping into the answers in those fields of awareness that we have been starting to access.

Metatron: Correct.

Jim: Very exciting.

Metatron: It is very exciting. I don’t wish to add a whole lot more to this session because it is a lot, as you so aptly say, to put your mind around.  It is not any longer about ‘putting your mind around’, but stepping into the consciousness with the energetic components that are available to you to sustain the interdimensional consciousness of the being that your are.

Jim:  Yes.

Metatron:  There is a lot of conceptual information, as well as energetic attunements, that we will be giving to you in the coming weeks --- starting now. We are very pleased to be able to present this material at this time.

Jim:  Well, I will construct the class as we’ve discussed and we’ll see what unfolds.

Metatron:  Very well.

Jim:  I’m very grateful for your assistance, as always.

Metatron:  You are most welcome. I will withdraw now. Blessings.

Jim:  Blessings.

This is on excerpt of a conversation between Jim Self and Metatron in preparation for a class. Communicated through Joan Walker.

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