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The First Three Rays of Creation

The First Three Rays of Creation

Metatron:  Let us begin with the first chakra. You have done very well in presenting alternatives in the mental and the emotional body’s reality through the first chakra.The first chakra is very much responsible for the physical body’s experience in this realm.  You have been very successful in perking the students’ imagination to create outside of survival and outside of family lineage programming, using Higher Consciousness as their guide. What we wish to begin to interject here is first and foremost, the student’s awareness of the first three Rays as they are applicable within that first chakra. Also, the color vibrations that can be used to escalate the vibratory rates within the first, second, third and fourth chakras. Along with those color vibrations that come from the first, second, and third Rays of Creation, there are also geometrical sequences that accompany these color vibrations in order to hold these vibrations in a very stable, usable, expandable format.  Questions?

Jim:  No questions. I can see this clearly.

Metatron:  Yes. This is not a difficult understanding that we are asking you to come to.  We are weaving in some additional formats, concepts, and energetics that will be very, very helpful as you begin to work with these four chakras to escalate your consciousness and to be able to sustain a much more integrated level of energetics within the system. With this consciousness and these levels of energetics, it will no longer be about higher or lower.  It will just be about a sequential order of vibrations and frequency ranges.

The first Ray, as you know, is the Ray of Source or the Ray of Prime Creator. Even though this is white, it holds all of the energetics of Creation. The white also holds every color spectrum that is available in Creation. Not necessarily the spectrums that can be seen with the physical eye. We are moving out of the physical expression of color and sound into a much broader, vaster range.  

There are many variations of colors and vibrations and Light frequencies that are held within this Ray of Creation.  It is a massive Ray.  It is a very powerful Ray of Prime Creator.  And you, as an individualized expression of the Creator; as an individualized Soul; as an individualized particle; have parts of this Ray embedded in your schematic.  You have that availability for yourself in the creative process as you develop these interdimensional states of consciousness.

The second Ray is a Ray of energy and it is red in color but it also holds vast ranges of color vibrations.  It is not limited to the red spectrum that you know through seeing red with the physical eye.  There is much more to this Ray than that.  It is a Ray in which these energies from the first Ray can be utilized in many applications within all of Creation. Non-physical as well as physical.  It has a stepping down mechanism that allows those embodied in the physical realm to use this Ray efficiently; to use the various color spectrums that are held within this Ray.  It also is a very massive Ray, although not as complex as some of the others.

The third Ray has many complexities as you know.  We have delved into the first three blocks of energy and how the Light frequencies are held within those first three blocks; how they are interwoven; how they are used with the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays; how they are used in the eighth Ray.  You therefore have some understanding of the complexities. This Ray is mainly concerned with Light frequency patterns and formats that are used within all Rays of Creation and are drawn from this Ray in many applications.

This is the state of awareness that we wish to bring to the students at this time.  These three Rays are very key in working with the first four chakras as they create in the physical body and in the physical realm. As you remember, the fourth, fifth, and sixth Rays of Creation have to do with creating form within form.  So, it stands to reason, since the fourth, fifth, and sixth Rays are comprised of energies that are brought in through the first three Rays of Creation, that your ability to use the first three Rays more efficiently would be desired. Any questions?

This is on excerpt of a conversation between Jim Self and Metatron in preparation for a Mastering Alchemy class. Communicated through Joan Walker.

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