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Focusing Your Attention on Your Intention

Focusing Your Attention on Your Intention


Attention on your Intention can only happen when you are aware of yourself in present time. By learning how to do this you will achieve your dreams and experience the fifth dimension in amazing ways.

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Questions and Answers

  1. What intention would you recommend I set for our time together starting Level 2?
  2. I want to do more of this work but how do I do this?
  3. I can follow along with your work and I love it, however I don’t SEE anything.
  4. Once we are mostly in the fourth and fifth dimensions could we still slip back down into 3D?
  5. How do I stop putting attention on the pain my parents give me?
  6. How can I not be mentally confused with all the different tools?
  7. I would like what one can do to overcome addiction?
  8. What IS the lightbody and what benefits has it brought to the students who have it activated?
  9. How specific do we need to be with our intention and is it a 24-7 focus?
  10. How is it possible that my intentions that I had 40 years ago are just now materializing?
  11. How do I identify my intention?