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How Axiational Lines Pathways or Highways Interface

How Axiational Lines Pathways or Highways Interface

Student: The axiational lines, pathways or highways, have been activated. Please explain how they interface.

Kuthumi: These pathways are part of your Lightbody, which is another field of energy that gets created as you are raising your state of consciousness. Having an activated Lightbody is essential in the ascension process. It is essential to have that energetic field installed and functioning. You are able to access higher levels of energetics, light frequencies, and various energetic systems, which then allows you to access higher states of consciousness.  It all works together eventually in one unified field but we are talking about, at this juncture in your evolution, three separate units that eventually work together as one.

You are now learning the various components of your vast energetic system. You are learning about the various components and energetics of your Lightbody.  You are learning about the various components in the chakra system and how those work within the Lightbody.  And you are learning about the various components in sacred geometry; the various geometric forms and how they can be put together or truncated to create fields of energy. Eventually, all of it functions together in one unified field. With that unified functioning, it brings about the availability of much higher states of consciousness. You are able to access and function in those states on a regular basis. That is who you are.

Student: So, at some point it will just happen that all the parts converge and we don’t worry about that at this point.

Kuthumi: You are just learning about the various components.  It’s like an automobile engine. It all works together to make the car move. But you’re just learning about the radiator, the electrical system, the various components that drive the vehicle.
Student: The last time we met, there was a big download that happened at the conclusion of our time together. Can you say more about that?

Kuthumi: It was my desire to help you be able to experience the second Triad in this configuration and to begin to access the third Triad in a fuller way.  So, I think you are well on your way with experimenting and integrating and allowing yourself to practice. When next we meet, perhaps you will see how easy it is to access various levels of consciousness with more ease and flow.  That is my desire for you - that this has great ease and flow, that you can access it and benefit.  I thank you for making yourselves available. It is beings such as yourself, who teach and who lead and who encourage others to embody what you know – so it is a pleasure to work with you, the teacher.

I will withdraw now. Blessings.

This is an excerpt from a special call within the Level 3 program of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.