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How the Dimensions Work

How the Dimensions Work

Two Free Webinars How the Dimensions Work and Time Space - Why it Distorts Your Reality 
By understanding the rules and structures of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions you will understand how to change your reality.

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Audio Files:
Track 1 (45:05) Lecture
Track 2 (37:47)   Q&A

Complete Call (1:22:53)

Questions and Answers

  1. How do I differentiate between manifestation, intuition and synchronicity?
  2. When I become lucid in my sleep state I become afraid.  Do you know of any tools to help this?
  3. Is there a sound as you enter each dimension?  Is the fifth dimension of non-duality the soul plane?
  4. Can this fear of the dream being taken away cause one not to remember their dreams?  Can it cause an unconscious fear pattern that we cannot identify?
  5. Can you tell us about level one?
  6. As we increase our awareness can we tap into that awareness?
  7. In which dimension will our consciousness open up that we will see and walk with the angels and other magical beings?
  8. What tricks can I use to stay calm from the [upsetting events] around me and simply watch it happen?
  9. Why don’t I remember my sleep space?
  10. Can you talk about the different time forms?
  11. What about the sixth and seventh dimensions?