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How to Stay Sane During the Holidays

How to Stay Sane During the Holidays


The holidays can be a very stressful time for many. Old family patterns can be triggered. Learn simple and effective tools to make this holiday fun for YOU.

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Track 1 (23:54) Lecture
Track 2 (44:38) Exercise
Track 3 (29:00) Q&A

Complete Call  (01:37:33)

Questions and Answers

  1. Could you talk about the importance of giving to yourself before giving to others?
  2. How do I keep my balance around people who are mostly in 3-D fear?
  3. Someone from my past keeps showing up in my dreams and emotionally hurting me for ten years. Do I need more than the rose for this?
  4. A comment on the power and effectiveness of the rose.
  5. It seems illogical to give people their energy back when they can again use that energy against me.
  6. Can I teach the rose to my siblings and how would I do so?
  7. I continue to show up as the person in my space. Am I making an incorrect assumption here?