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How You Choose in a Changing World

How You Choose in a Changing World

How do you navigate the Transition????
Good intentions work. But understanding how they work is what makes them work. The choices you make and the tools you use NOW will determine the result you experience at each step on this path.

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The world around us is changing in very big ways. Many of these changes will be challenging. How will you choose?

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  1. How do you raise your vibration if you feel depressed?
  2. How do I manage my role as a guardian of a teenager who doesn't believe in this?
  3. How long do we hold a thought/feeling before what we desire manifests?
  4. Do you have any tips for those of us who slip out of present time?
  5. What is the smart thing to do with my money and investments during this transition?
  6. What can I do to help my friends through this time?



Do you think with your Heart and Know Yourself or think what everyone thinks and know nothing?


  1. In the moment when all hits the fan are you suggesting that we find this place and relax into it and all will be well?
  2. What kind of earth changes can we look forward to?
  3. What does one do when you have friends and family who are refusing to move along or awaken?
  4. If we are all moving into a 5th dimensional reality where we choose, feel and have the experience without the time buffering, does it really matter what happens with the economy, including our own finances, because money is used to get an experience that will make us feel a certain way, but it seems we're moving the other way around?
  5. For those of us who are moving well into this 5th dimensional existence but are financially not sitting with savings in the bank, do you have any words for how this state of affairs might play out?
  6. With the changing of the polarity on the sun and a greater influx of divine feminine energy now, does this switch the spinning of our core energy, or octahedron, from clockwise to counter clockwise?
  7. Could you please comment on the difference between using the heart as our focus point versus using the middle of the head? The current trend in many spiritual communities is to focus from the heart.
  8. Surely the outcome of all this will be positive in the long run, talk a little bit about the other side of this.