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But I Can’t See!

But I Can’t See!

An important question from a Level 1 participant:  I have a heart full of excitement for this work and a firm intention to know myself and return Home, yet despite daily attempts, I am not “seeing” the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond and the hall of crystals. Then of course am not seeing the opening of the doors to the other kingdoms.

Sometimes I feel that I won’t succeed at this even though it’s so important to me. It’s difficult to feel like I’m left behind while the course is progressing and offering a world of wonder, enlightenment and my return to Self. Thank you for anything that might help. MaryT, Newfoundland

Answer: Please don't get stuck on seeing or not seeing. How does it feeeeel when you enter the Sanctuary? That’s what really matters. Clairvoyance is the #1 spiritual ability that has been most invalidated, denied and discouraged. Most of us have been told, from childhood, to ignore the fairies we know are there. For many, we “saw” as children but the adults around us convinced us “seeing” was not a good thing. “Stop making up stories.” “Stop imagining things.” “There’s no such thing as imaginary friends.” “Your teddy bear doesn’t talk.” We stopped using this spiritual ability so we wouldn’t upset others and in order to fit in. Most of us can remember a time in childhood where we did see, feel and hear energy.

You ARE clairvoyant. This ability comes with the body. You’ve been conditioned not to recognize when you are seeing clairvoyantly. Many expect seeing clairvoyantly will be just like seeing with your physical eyes. It’s slightly different and each person experiences it in their own way. You see just fine, however, for the most part, you may not understand what seeing is at this spiritual level. Seeing is what you might experience when you’re remembering a memory as a picture or when you are daydreaming or thinking in pictures about what something might look like. Your clairvoyance is always on. It’s those old expectations, invalidations and denials that are still in the way. Allow yourself to pretend that you see. Imagine or remember what a red rose looks like and you will see it. Play, pretend, imagine, and then incorporate these choices as new concepts just for the fun of it.  You will surprise yourself at how much you begin actually to see; and how natural it feels.

We all see clearly, however we may process what we see with our other spiritual abilities, such as clairsentience. Clairsentience is the ability to feel the emotions of someone. Another spiritual ability is narrow band telepathy. This is the ability to finish the person’s sentence or know what they are about to say. Good coaches have this ability. Broad band telepathy is the ability to read the energy of a group of people. Good teachers have this ability. For some, “seeing” is a sensory experience; for others it is a knowing.

Some of us never "see" a thing. When we had our institute and taught clairvoyance full time, there was a woman who never saw a thing during the year-long program. She read energy through her nose! She smelled the energy and read it that way. And she was very good at it. The whole room smelled of whatever she was smelling at the time.

MaryT, give yourself a break. Be easy on yourself. The more pressure you put on yourself - the slower it will unfold. Just see if you can have fun. Chapter 22 in What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? is a place to go for more on clairvoyance.  Blessings,