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I Could Have Hit a Truck. On a Bike!

I Could Have Hit a Truck. On a Bike!

(This is a story Jim told during a class many years ago. It illustrates what is possible with this work.)

Many of you are saying: ‘Well, how do I know this work is working?' ‘Things are different, but I don’t have reference points or words for it.’ I want to share an experience I had that was really quite profound. I was riding my bike. I do a lot of bike riding. I was in a bike lane on a very long, straight stretch. I was doing about 20 mph and I was designing tonight’s class with Kuthumi. In the process of doing that, I was not particularly paying attention to riding the bike. I was very much in ‘the zone’. I was in that space of connected creativity that was another level of awareness. This is a level that you have great access to. These are fields of awareness; the sixth Ray possibilities. 

I was passing a golf course and with no thought, thought I put my hands on the brakes and started to stop. I looked up and there was a man standing and talking to another man in a golf cart. The guy in the golf cart proceeded to make a right hand turn across the bike lane. My bike lane. In my previous, 3D reality I would have thought the thought: ‘You jerk. Why aren’t you paying attention? Don’t you know you’re supposed to look before you turn?’ You know that space.

In this particular case however, I was aware that choice of thought was available but I did not think it. I did not go to it. And as the man is saying, ‘Oh, sorry.’ as he was cutting me off, I completely come to a stop and say, ‘No problem’. He pulls across the bike lane and I start to ride forward. In that moment – in this place where you’re all becoming aware – I was very conscious of four different timelines that could have played out.

If the man had not pulled across the bike lane, twenty yards further down the road was a pickup truck parked in the bike lane. There is no question that in two of those timelines it was very clear that at 20 mph I hit this truck. I could have died or survived-disabled. In the third timeline, the two men were just beginning the conversation and the golf cart didn’t pull into the bike lane. The fourth timeline was the experience I had. There was no thought, thought. There were no words in my reality and yet the total, multi-timeline awareness of the event was very present. It was all done in the sixth Layer of Thought. It was not done in the rational mind. Very exciting process.

You’re also going to begin to see these experiences unfolding (not hitting the truck) in a way that is going to allow you to effortlessly move within only the timelines that start to support the creative aspect of what you’re playing in. So, in terms of what you can begin to expect? I think you’re going to begin to consciously become more and more aware of that space. And, many of you are already saying you are.

This is an excerpt from an early Level 2 class taught by Jim Self and Master Kuthumi.