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Inter-dimensional Aspects of You

Inter-dimensional Aspects of You

Greetings it is I Michael. Many of us have gathered to be with you this weekend in your time and space. We have gathered in this very auspicious moment, to support you, and open you energetically, to know your unlimited potential.

This whole time that we spend with you is not so much about giving you knowledge or things through the spoken word, that you are so used to receiving from us.  We are here, in force, to show you a pathway into a state of consciousness that allows you to see an unlimited portion of yourself. This is about YOU. It is not about Earth per say. YOU make the difference and it is very very important at this time frame, for you to step into a state of consciousness, embrace the energetics of it, and become who you are, consciously, not in a dream state, but in the waking, moving around interactive state.

Most of you perceive states of consciousness as levels of higher or lower, we are here to set the energetic format for you to begin to experience inter-dimensional aspects of yourself.  Not from the polarity of higher or lower, but from the understanding, the knowing, that there are various states of consciousness that you operate in simultaneously. The rational mind is not part of this. It is not understanding it. You can be in the sixth dimension, you can be in fourth dimension, you can be in fifth dimension. It is not even about those numbers; it is about being in the fullness and the completeness of who you are, and walking in that always, from this moment on.  Being in the physicality of your body, as you operate from those fields of energetic positions.

The context of your life experience will change.  The linear aspects will no longer be present, nor viable in your life experience. It will take on a texture that will take some adjustment on your part. And for the next six months you will be making those adjustments in your physicality. This is not about understanding,; it is not about accepting concepts that you can put into practice. It is about being the multidimensional being that you are. The energetics are in place, the pathway is open and it is open because you have successfully negotiated various states of consciousness along the path that you have taken.  You have only gotten glimpses of these various states of consciousness on certain occasions.  But now it is coming together and the texture and the fullness of it is here, present, NOW.  We just ask you to step into it, knowing you are fully supported.  We will help you maintain that vibratory level until the integration and the adjustments are made in the physicality of your body.  It will not be difficult; it will not cause you any disruption in your daily interactions or your normal daily activities.  But there will be a peaked awareness that begins to take place. There will be a knowing, not an understanding but a knowing, as this integration begins NOW, it is not in the future. It is NOW.  As the teaching of this weekend continues, the teaching will be from a level of vibrations that will set the template so when you leave the cohesiveness of this gathering you can maintain that vibratory level at all times.

You have to make an adjustment here. It is not about taking notes; it is about being in the energies, relaxing into it, allowing what is taking place, NOW to take place.  There are no restrictions. It is a very fluid, unlimited position.  That is now coming into you. It is around you, it is in you, it is you. There are no differentiations, none.

You may consider this new territory, but it is not. This is your true nature; it is who you are, in your completeness. Where you operated from, last month, last week, last year was only a portion of who you are. Now you are stepping into the fullness of who you were created to be. Who you are, with no restriction, no limitation. You might be thinking, “but what about this”, “can I put limitations on myself?” The answer to that question is no, because you are sitting here in this very moment and as you sit here, the energies are supporting you, in that unlimited position.  You are operating in a oneness and there are various levels of realities and dimensions that are operating simultaneously within you and within your field. You are a multidimensional unlimited being. You breathe it. You are it. And that awareness will only expand as this integration takes place within your physicality. We are most honored to have participated in this project with you and the diligence that you have shown and the willingness, even when it stretched you. It is stretching you now. Your diligence will make a difference in the ability of others who are embodied at this time. It will make a difference in Earth itself, in these transitory times. You now hold a vibration that supports that state of being in the physical world.Your ability to maintain this unlimited state of consciousness and the inter-dimensional aspects of who you are, has a great impact on the collective of all physical realms. What a service you are providing. You are the forerunners, the holders of the light. You maintain a vibratory level that allows those who follow to also step into that state of being. Without you, that cannot happen.

The angelic realms are charged by Prime Creator, the one you call Source, the one you may call God. Our charge is to support the energetic components of all creation in its evolution and in its expansion, from the Godhead to all realms of creation, to the inner, the outer, above, below, all realms. And we take this charge very seriously. Our presence has been very focused on your Earth, to support the energetic template for the expansion and elevation of the physical realm.  To bring it to a level of unlimited potential.

We will continue to work very actively in this area. We will work with you continually and you will know our presence in a more viable way. Again I say, we are honored to be co-creators of this reality in a physical plane.

I thank you for receiving me and being open to what I have had to say to you


This is a transcript from a live Mastering Alchemy conference.


Goodness, Jim - what is this conference-gathering from which these remarkable assurances and observations have resulted?

Sounds like remarkable work was done by those in attendance, to be sure!

I am so grateful, for what you & these are doing on behalf of all mankind, what flows to me and all of us from it!