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The Interior of Creation

The Interior of Creation

Greetings it is I Zadkiel: Things are progressing very nicely. You understand that you are in a much different space and time than when we last met. The energetics that are being given to you at this time are very expansive and will continue to be given to assist you in integrating not only the information but the energetic envelopes, packages and configurations that go along with the concepts of the Rays of Creation. As we are able to step into higher frequency ranges, and more concepts are given, it is even more important that this expansiveness be maintained.

Things will change dramatically in your life in the coming year. The awarenesses that you will be able to integrate and maintain will be very unlike anything that you have experienced thus far in this incarnation. You are fully supported in all areas in this process and because you have agreed to co-create with us and bring this information back into form, the benefits to you personally will be great and will change you for eternity.

We are now stepping into light frequencies and formations that have to do with ranges of creation that are very rarified. They are unlike the exterior worlds in which you have been operating; they are no longer held in form. There is no form and there is only the unlimited raw potential. It will take some time to negotiate this integration plus be in the unlimited energetic configurations and still negotiate your life in form. It will be as if you have one foot in form and another outside of form. When you first start to integrate these energetics, and until you become accustomed to the fluidity and the flow, it can be somewhat challenging because you have to let go of the anchors and begin to immerse yourself in your unlimited potential. This does not mean that you will be unable to fully negotiate the physical world but you will negotiate it from a much different state of being and thought system.

Jim: I’m noticing there seems to be a difference between where I have been teaching and where I am teaching now. It’s just an observation.

Zadkiel: Yes. And what we are about to show you will be very difficult for you to translate into a teaching format because at this juncture there are very few students who are ready to embark on these types of concepts. So what you will be receiving will be for your benefit and for you to document for use at a later time. Now this can cause you some frustration because you will want to have your students available but at this juncture it is not possible. Therefore there is a, shall we say, desire to spend more time focused on the interior which is what these energetics are about. This is the interior of creation. This is the area that is veiled in what you might call mysteries, which you will be entering. The veils will fall away. These energetics are not very translatable at this time or available to the world, or to those who are embodied.

Jim: I understand.

Zadkiel: It is not for you to be concerned that your teaching changes. It is just taking on a different context and you are stepping into another level of passion that you have no reference point to. You are stepping into the interior of creation.

Jim: I am very grateful.

Zadkiel: It is quite wonderful and I am very pleased to participate in this project with you. Today I have given you a little beginning background on where we are headed here and it will take a little more integration energetically for you to be ready for the next formats. I would suggest to you that you just allow the process to take place and as often as is possible to bring into your conscious awareness the knowing of your unlimited potential. Unlimited potential having no restrictions, no anchors or formats that must be adhered to, which may be an unfamiliar state of being for you in this lifetime. The sound currents of the ninth Ray that we have talked about are very much present in this level of creation. You may focus some attention periodically on those waves as you negotiate life and allow them to bring you into resonance with that unlimited space. It is like a wave that helps you reach a state of unlimited potential without needing to have an anchor or reference point. Just by allowing those concepts to be present in your consciousness and focusing your attention on those two concepts periodically will help you to a great degree to integrate the expansive positioning of patterning that is now taking place.

Is there anything else that you would like to discuss in this regard.

Jim: I do have one request of you if you would. We have been working in the area of the eighth Ray, personal fear, and the fear in Earth. In a few weeks I have a large number of them gathering live to play in that space. As a group we can focus on some of these applications of the eighth Ray and releasing fear. I would like to request your assistance and guidance at this conference.

Zadkiel: I would be most happy to be available and I will bring many with me to support this gathering. As you set the energetics for the container we will be present to support that container to hold the highest frequency of energies that will be beneficial for the reception of the material.

Jim: Great. Thank you for that and thank you so much for this assistance that you have provided to us.

Zadkiel: You are very welcome. We are pleased and excited that the time has come on your planet to return this information and these energetics to further assist humanity in the return to states of consciousness that were lost eons ago.

I will withdraw now. Blessings.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.


What a mesmerizing conversation! It is hard to imagine what is in store with these upcoming energies and changes. Thank you for sharing the messages and for agreeing to help us to navigate this process as best we can.