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A Knowing of Beauty

A Knowing of Beauty

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - A Knowing of BeautyZadkiel: There are many changes that are occurring within you on a physical level.  There will be a distinct difference and you will be shown this. This is between a feeling/emotion and a knowing that stems from information that comes through the Lightbody from Universal Mind.  There are components within the physical body that are in change that must be made to accommodate a fuller integration of the Lightbody into form.  The change, and I have heard you say this, is to change the carbon base form into another form that you perceive as crystalline in nature.  

This is occurring as your consciousness shifts and you begin to release attachment to the physical world.  When you combine that with the spoken word, this effects form. There is then the component of knowing that comes from Universal Mind that gets attached to the verbalization. This is actually a component of sound waves that creates a different reality, unlike your carbon based body that you have become accustomed to.  This is changing.  It will not happen overnight but you are seeing changes now.  And it all began as you agreed to activate those streams or those components of the Lightbody that are attached to higher dimensional realms and to Universal Mind. This then not only changes your conscious awareness and the dimensional realities that you can access, but it will also change the physical dynamic.  

Jim:  If I were to take a word like beauty as a knowingness, is beauty going to take on a different configuration as an expression.

Zadkiel:  Correct.  That beauty may be part of the physical reality or it may not be.  It is an expression that is verbalized with many more complexities because you have it streaming from the knowing through the Lightbody. 

Jim:  Does that knowing then stimulate expanded or new feelings?  Or does that knowing take on a similarity to an existing feeling?  For example, I’m walking on a path in the forest and I come across a beautiful waterfall. I have a feeling and it creates a smile and there is a movement in the heart. I start to have a greater knowingness of beauty within the Universal Mind.

Zadkiel:  The answer to that question is yes and I must expand on that because of the change in the dynamics to the physical realm.  The actual physicality.  You have choice in how to experience the complexities that can be occurring simultaneously.  You can experience it from a physical sense such as a smile or an awareness of the beauty that is in front of you.  There is also a knowing that is much larger than that and much more encompassing that is connected to you as a being.  You as a being of light. You can say your soul essence, your God essence, but it is related to you in all of the complexities.  It is much more heart centered.  This is not relegated to the physical heart but it is a much more expansive heart sense where you have knowledge and awareness of yourself, your complexity and your relation to the All That Is. Your relationship to Oneness.  And it is a knowing as well as the feeling.  

Jim:  As I sit here and have this dialogue with you, I’m looking out my window at mountains and sky and clouds. There is no hesitation in my space that, that’s me I’m looking at.  Here I can sit and see crystal kingdoms with great beings of light right there in the clouds.  Would the next experience be to do something with it? To share it with others or …?

Zadkiel:  That is an example of trying to fit that experience into the physical world.  And it does not fit.  Nor does it compute because the third dimensional element of time. What to do with it, where to put it, is not needed in that realm or in that knowing space.  You can admire it, you can be it and be perfectly satisfied in being the knowing.  Or you can use the Rays and create something that uses that component and that knowing.  Whether you do, or you do not is of your decision. It is not necessary that you do something with every component that you access from that state of consciousness; that Universal Mind.

Jim:  So with all the access that is now becoming available I’m trying to make a decision through my limitedness as to what to do with it.

Zadkiel:  Correct.  The unlimited viewpoint is yet to be engaged.  There is a sequential order here.  It is desired that you are now stimulated to experience the knowing as well as a feeling. That, in itself, expands the viewpoint of who you are. Then when that is integrated and useable the awareness of the unlimited aspects of yourself will begin to come into play. Just as this aspect has begun to come into your reality.  

Jim:  I understand.

Zadkiel:  There is a neutrality here that is maintained in this state of awareness. It does not have the flux that third dimensional realities have where you have great explosions of emotions; the highs, the fireworks, the lows.  It is just a very stable flow.  You can create that if you so desire, but it is not a requirement.  When you continually take those aspects of knowing and beauty and try to create an emotional response you limit it. You are trying to put it in a reality that cannot hold it.

Do not think there is something wrong or amiss here.  It is an evolutionary process that you are engaged in.  

This is an excerpt from a special call within the Level 3 program of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.



Perfect timing to the question I asked. 

Jim, I received your answer today via email... being guided to read this article today,  complements perfectly my understanding...

yes! I can feel it in my heart... and I wish to experience the feeling of Being for now...

before i get to do magic!   :) what fun! 

Thank you!

Loving Light!