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Light Formats and the Energetic System

Light Formats and the Energetic System

Archangel Michael and Light Formats, Pt. 2

Jim: With regard to these Light formats, is there a bridging mechanism that would allow us to focus an intention around a particular concept? For example, the concept of health. Would it be of value to simply hold the intention of health and then allow those formats to align around it?

Michael: There is a danger in that concept because the focus then will go to what is unhealthy within the body. These formats can be used within the physical body but they are mainly used within the energetic system. The energetic system is of a much higher octave that addresses not just the physical body, not just the mental/emotional. It is held more precisely within the spiritual body to be used at a later date in the expansion of knowledge, wellbeing on all levels and the expansion of the consciousness. It is related to what the Eastern cultures termed ‘enlightenment’.

These formats have to be present for that enlightenment to begin to take place. It is very difficult to get the physical mind around this application because it is one of those applications that has to do with the tenth Ray where there is an unlimited component. The energetic structure of that unlimited component does not have a precise, geometric progression or configuration. It is a very open ended format that streams directly from the Godhead, through Universal Mind, into the energetic system. 

When I speak of this energetic system of the individual Soul I am speaking of it in a much broader context. It is not just that portion of the energetic system that is housed in the physical form at this moment but all parts of the energetic system of that individualized Soul, on all levels. It is a difficult concept for the physical mind to use or bring into the energetic system. It is a much broader perspective than just the physical.

It is a big step that we are asking the students to take here. It is about getting into that space where there is no thought, but yet having an awareness of that third Triad and opening up the crown to receive these Light formats, anchor them in the first and in the Unified Field. All the rest will be taken care of. The Light formats will be housed in their proper place for use at the proper time. The type of conscious awareness that they are now being asked to develop is a conscious awareness that is not based in specific thoughts or in the mental body. It is an observance of a much greater energetic field. Can you see that?

Jim: I can see that. As an analogy, it would be as if you were staring at a picture on the wall, and at the same time, recognizing you are in a room that has many, many things going on beyond the picture. You can be in the picture and you can have the awareness of the larger reality simultaneously.

Michael: Yes. This is where we are headed - to establish an awareness of a larger reality … not to do anything with it or to make application … but to stimulate a much greater awareness. For those who have difficulty with that, it is very valuable for them to begin to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit and breathe in that presence in a more real way. Then a knowing can take place, and the trust and the faith can be engaged to allow the process.

Jim: I get it. I understand what you’re saying.

Michael: This session is complex, but quite necessary for us to begin to establish within the students these energetic Light formats so that we might progress with the tenth Ray. This is the only way to bring to the students, awareness of the unlimited parts of themselves and the interplay between the unlimited realm of non-form and the realm of form in higher states of consciousness.

Jim: There’s a lot of attention on this work, isn’t there?

Michael: Yes. There is a lot of attention that has been placed in building the foundation for the student to step into that unlimited space of non-form while embodied in form and making it usable in form. But at a much higher dimensional state of consciousness. These things are necessary in order to have what you term ‘the bridging mechanisms’ to happen.

Jim: Would you like to contribute to this next class? Or, would you like me to proceed?

Michael: I think that because of the nature of these concepts and these energetics that are being given, it probably would be wise for me to come into the class and speak briefly about what is being asked and what is being presented. Then you talk about the teaching that they received on the levels of thought and on how that is applicable in this area and the usability of it for a later application at a later date.

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Archangel Michael as they prepare to teach a class together.