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Live for Two Hundred Years

Live for Two Hundred Years

Kuthumi:  May I give you another suggestion? This is in regards to this knowledge you have been building in the last few sessions about “What if you could live for two hundred years?”  This is not done from the perspective of escaping the physical body into the heavenly realms where you culminate and reach your reward.  It is about operating for long, great periods of time in the joy of the creative process, with no need to escape.  You are creating the templates of divine expressions in great Love and excitement, vibrance and joy.  So, there is no need to escape.  You just continually create until you wish to create another venue for your creation.  

It is a shift in consciousness here.  It is a shift from getting out of physicality to obtain heavenly rewards or higher levels of consciousness or Oneness with All That Is.  It is now bringing it into the physical body and all of the consciousnesses that go with that. It is now about operating within the chakra system in a very powerful, forceful way in the joy and exuberance of the creative process for hundreds of years with no limitations of any kind … with infinite expressions of your creativity.

Jim:  With full access to All That Is to create.

Kuthumi:  Correct.

This is an excerpt of a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim in preparation for a class. Communication through Joan Walker.