This Month's Offerings | Mastering Alchemy

This Month's Offerings

This Month's Offerings

Free Webinar
Resistance or Creation? Where is Your Attention?
Thursday, September 13
5-6:30pm Pacific (GMT -0:700)

Do you move forward or hold back? Does what you hold your attention on keep you from seeing the answer you're looking for? Is what you want the very thing that's keeping you from it? Join us to learn how to change your resistance into creation.


Level 1 Coupon - $20 OFF!
  • Dissolve self-limiting habits
  • Remember who you are and what you came here to accomplish
  • Three Live, exclusive, recorded Webinars with Jim and Roxane
  • Email support for your tool-related questions NEW 

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Level 2 End of Summer Sale - $200 OFF!
Orchestrated by the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Teachers of Light to EXPAND your understanding, your consciousness and your ability to utilize new energy tools now available to you in the higher dimensions

Next session begins November 12.

  ENROLL- $200 Off    

*Level 1 is a prerequisite

Mastering Alchemy Conference
October 26-27-28
Atlanta, Georgia USA

A special weekend together for all who have joined Level 2 by August 2018 and those who did not continue on to Level 3. This is a wonderful opportunity to anchor your foundation and accelerate the work you are experiencing in Mastering Alchemy.


Webinar for Level 2 and Beyond
Thursday, September 27
5-6:30pm Pacific (GMT -0:700)

The icosahedron is a significant tool to engage the tenth Ray's magnetic fields which manifest physical density from the nonphysical realms. It also allows the blue Color Coding to defragment misaligned emotions within the emotional body. Learning how to use the icosahedron to create from non-physical realms is a game changer.

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Interactive Book Webinars Available
A Course in Mastering Alchemy

This amazing book includes step-by-step tools to manifest a new way of being and step out of the chaos of the third dimension into the higher consciousness of the fifth.

Free, private online classroom available only to readers of this book.

Buy the book, join the online classroom.

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Award Winning Blog

Om - Misunderstood

The ‘Om’ is representative of the Creator that is contained within the first Ray of Creation. It opens doorways for a much greater perspective of what that Creator is and how it is part of the experience of the Soul in a form.

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