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This Month's Offerings

This Month's Offerings

March 8 Free Webinar
Dorothy... You're Not in 3D Anymore
Thursday, March 8
5-6:30pm Pacific

Your rational mind may be telling you 3D still exists. The key to stepping beyond 3D is to see from the brain, think from your heart and apply your courage. Fastening your seatbelt and finding some amusement will definitely be helpful. Join us.

New Interactive Book
A Course in Mastering Alchemy:
Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend

by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

"Beautiful book. I highly recommended for anybody. The book is embedded with the energy and initiations offered by the Teachers of Light. Having a glossary and index is very helpful." D.N.

"Absolutely life changing... gets to the reality of living life and how to get rid of stuff you are thinking and doing that inhibits your well being. I feel supported and understood." Nancy

Roxane Burnett reads an excerpt from Chapter 1.
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Facebook LIVE

Jim Self LIVE on Facebook
Thursday, March 22
5-6:30pm Pacific

Artificial Intelligence - What Will We Create?
Will we create a utopian society where the machines do the work for us or will we create machines that create machines that have no use for human beings? Together, let’s explore what’s on the horizon.


Jim Self on 11:11 Talk Radio
Listen to Jim Self's interview with Simran Singh of 11:11 Talk Radio for a lively discussion about his new book A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend co-written with Roxane Burnett.



More in Mastering Alchemy
Do you have a sense of yourself as different from those around you? As you begin to perceive the world via your spiritual abilities, it often doesn't feel safe. Our Level 1 program explains spirituality in a manner that allows you to navigate with ease on this rapidly shifting journey.
Enroll in Level 1 and receive invitations to exclusive LIVE webinars with Jim Self.
Upcoming Level 1 Live Webinar:
Sunday, March 18
11:00am Pacific Time



Award Winning Blog:

"Who Are The Teachers of Light?"

They have stepped through a doorway and are holding the door open for you to enter the realm of possibilities.
Read blog post here

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Morning Conversations
with Jim Self and Roxane Burnett
Every Wednesday morning on FACEBOOK.

Watch our most recent episode:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Soul

Jim and Roxane explore artificial intelligence and how it may impact humanity. What would you do if AI made it so that you were free to do whatever you wished?


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