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This Month's Offerings

This Month's Offerings

July 2017 Newsletter
Each month enjoy:
Planetary Shifts video: Gain insights into how world events are effecting you.
Transcribed Conversations with the Archangels and Teachers of Light.
LIVE exclusive Webinar with Jim, including a Question & Answer session
MA Light's July schedule
Planetary Shifts
July 10
Past, Future, and Death
What if you could change your past? What if death was as simple as one breath? If you had the information to change your past, restructure your future and remove the 3D beliefs about death …would you? Visit our sample page for more...

This month's Webinar
July 20
Would you Like to Re-create your Past?

What if that day you thought everyone noticed you had two different socks on actually occurred differently than you remember? Read more...

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for a deeper understanding of Mastering Alchemy Light's July topics.

You came here to make a difference. Now you can!

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Free Webinar
The Power of the Rose
Thursday, July 13, 2017
5:00 to 6:30pm Pacific Time (07:00 GMT)

Learn how to recognize the difference between your thoughts and emotions and those of the world around you. This simple tool allows you to create life on your terms. Step away from the opinions, judgments and control of others.

Watch this video from Jim for more info.

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Coming in August
ON STAGE together August 19!

Geoffrey Hoppe, Steve Rother & Jim Self

Jim, Geoffrey Hoppe and Steve Rother, three world-class authors and channelers, are coming together to talk candidly about the information they are receiving from the angelic entities about what comes next.

Attend in Colorado or online. 

We'll have details soon and will keep you updated about this exciting event on the Mastering Alchemy Facebook page.  

More in Mastering Alchemy
Begin A Course in Mastering Alchemy

To Master Alchemy we first must reconstruct and activate our Personal Power Field - the Octahedron. 14 video hours of tools and training. Learn at your own speed. Learn the tools of empowerment.

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Summer Sale! Save $100 Session starts August 14

Specifically orchestrated by the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Teachers of Light to expand your understanding, your consciousness and your ability to utilize the new energy tools that are now available to you in the higher dimensions. 

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Morning Conversations with Jim & Roxane

Each Wednesday we will be sharing a new segment on Facebook and YouTube. We will answer students' frequently asked questions and cover lots of interesting topics! We think you'll enjoy this new program.

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Monday Blog: You Have Set a Template in Place

It is I, Metatron. I have come to let you know that you have set a template very firmly in place. You have changed the direction of what is occurring at this time.