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Move the Wind with Sound

Move the Wind with Sound

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - MoveZadkiel:  This last transmission was very important because it was the foundation upon which some of these concepts will be understood at a deeper level.  To begin to understand that you negotiate various dimensional realms and thought systems, is very important in this work. The sound frequencies and the vibratory levels, that we are now speaking of, reside in higher dimensional realities. They reside also in your unconscious, as you sit in a physical body.  Understand that you are affected by the fact that you can utilize these sound currents and vibrations more actively, simply by shifting your attention.  Intention has something to do with this, but it is more about shifting your attention and to allow those vibrations to become more conscious.

This is difficult when the only perception that you have of sound is that you hear it through your physical ear.  You are very well aware of, when you listen to music, how sound affects your mood or your emotional body.  But you may not be aware of the vibrations that are present as you create and as you negotiate your life experiences. Those also have components of sound that are more of a vibratory nature, which we have been speaking of.  Any time you engage in a creative event, you call forth certain vibratory rates and patterns that also engage.  That is all part of the creative process.  It does have to do with thought.  It does have to do with emotional components.  It has to do with intention and attention.  But these vibrations, these vibratory levels, are all part of when you engage in any creative effort or event.  

Just as when we talked first, about the eighth Ray, and I told you that there was a library of frequency patterns that are used in creations, you asked me how you would access certain patterns for certain applications.  I could not give you a distinct answer then, other than it was a process of trial and error for you at that present time. I suggested you play with it in order for you to establish a familiarity with those frequencies.  So it is, with this type of sound, until you actually become more conscious of it as present in the creative process.  The sound changes and shifts accordingly.  It does not have the polarized view of third dimension.  Nor is sound discriminating, other than that it adheres to certain patterns and light frequencies within the creative process.  It is drawn in by the intention.  It can also be drawn into the application through energetic fields, such as electro-magnetic.

Jim:  An example would be a boat on the ocean. We try to influence the speed of the boat by actually being on the boat, and setting the sails. This is an example of limited knowledge.  When we can influence the speed and the direction of the wind, and/or influence the current of the ocean, that application enhances the result much more fully.

Zadkiel:  Correct.  It will take a while for this application of sound to be usable because of the nature of being embodied and the restrictions that embodiment holds.  This does not completely limit you because you are able to step out of that structure and step into other realities. You do this by intending to see embodiment differently; seeing it from a more expanded viewpoint.  There still is, however, that component of your physicality that provides some limitations for you in utilizing this to the fullest extent.  Now that will shift and change, as you become accustomed to using sound; being aware of it. Then those things that you have spoken of, such as being able to bring wind into the sails, or the current in an ocean, through conscious application of sound, light and the creative effort, are possible.  

That is all possible when you are able to step into a state of consciousness where the limitation that is placed by the physicality is lifted.  In your reality, there has been information about very advanced beings; yogis who were able to change the physicality of the wind, or change a current on river, such as Yeshua.  But that takes stepping into a level of consciousness, that at this time, you are prevented, because of your physicality.  That is soon to change.  You can see it coming already.  You can see it through your observation of being outside of the reality and pushing into it.  That is the first step to stepping out of the limitation that is of the body.   Observing.  Not doing anything or manipulating anything. It is observing what state of consciousness you are in and allowing that state to expand. Be present in it.

You will not be conscious of this type of integration that will be taking place in the present.  You will be given the information.  You will be given the energetics.  You may not be conscious of it for a few weeks.  And then all of a sudden, your consciousness opens and you are very aware that you have stepped into another realm, another awareness.  And you will begin to observe that.  

These are things outside of the realm of third dimensional thinking.  As you sit here and you listen to my words, you can see how those energies begin to flow and to work within the creative process.  

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.