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Neutrality ~ How to Rise Above the Noise ~ A Special Two Part Webinar

Neutrality ~ How to Rise Above the Noise ~ A Special Two Part Webinar

PART 1: Pushing Against the External Wave Noise and Drama or Rising Above Them in Neutrality
Have you ever been caught up in a thought, a belief, an argument or a cause? Only to discover later it had very little to do with you, but it took weeks to disconnect from the energies and emotions. Today there are many tipping points in the external world drawing your attention, thoughts and emotions. Most of these tipping points are noise and dramas that have nothing to do with you.
Choosing a path is impossible from within the noise and drama. Learning to disengage, observe and choose from a foundation of being neutral is a powerful energy tool to command. Sound simple... yes... Easy... no. But when understood simple and easy become one. Come play in this session and become conscious of the power of choosing from neutral.

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Track 1 (17:33)

  • The vibration of words as thoughts and emotions cause the body to respond in a certain way
  • As you consciously choose your thoughts, the ability to alter the physical body is becoming possible
  • In the fifth dimension aspect of present time, nueutrality is a sound platform to live your life from
  • As you begin to access neutral, you disengage from thoughts and emotions and choose differently


Track 2 (41:36)


  • Breathe with circular breaths; relax the body; have the thought and emotion of “pleased with myself”
  • Place your attention on being neutral; notice how this experience is in relation to your day
  • Be aware of appreciation and the emotion that comes with it
  • Consider a world that vibrates in cooperation, joy, appreciation, respect, laughter, happy
  • Reflect on that feeling and thought; notice neutrality; you can experience this every moment internally
  • From neutral, you can observe but not engage with the world around you
  • Find compassion and be neutral; the vibration you resonate creates an influence on you and the world

Complete Lecture (59:09)

Q&A (37:32)

  1. I don’t feel my family in neutral, does this mean they can feel me moving away from them?
  2. My body responded to appreciation for myself in neutrality.
  3. In the midst of something troubling, is it appropriate to allow the emotion to happen with acceptance before practicing neutrality?
  4. What’s ahead as I mostly live in neutrality?
  5. When you talked about Syria, I started seeing the violet flame, a lot, in neutral.
  6. Is it okay to offer these words and tools to others, as a therapist?
  7. How can I overcome feeling that neutrality equals indifference?
  8. This neutral energy is wonderful at work and relationships simply by holding the energy.
  9. Is there a tool I can use to get to this relaxed space every day?


Part Two: Making Better Choices by Understanding the Energy of How to Choose

Neutrality allows you to make choices from the higher mind in a calm and thoughtful manner. This is a skill. Neutrality allows you to consider choices and opportunities without engaging or jumping into them. Neutrality provides the opportunity to experience poise, ease and understand the application of time in new ways. This will be an experiential class to learn the skill of neutrality.

Track 1 (10:34)


  • Having a sense of neutrality and balance as you make a choice will become an important skill
  • When you become conscious of an ability to choose present time, this is where you create
  • Find a pattern in your life that doesn’t support you and we will dismantle it


Track 2 (53:12)


  • Be in the center of your head; take three connected breaths; relax the body; pleased with yourself
  • Find neutral, disengaged, present; ease; be aware of your surroundings, choose quiet, neutral
  • Raise the vibration of pleased with yourself; in this place you have unlimited potential
  • The fourth Ray assembles and disassembles your thoughts and emotions
  • The fifth Ray is the building blocks; the sixth Ray is the library with the pieces to the puzzle
  • The unconscious attention draws it from the library through the workbench into the cemented field
  • You can simply say “oops,” that didn’t work out, without judgment
  • You can intentionally draw from the library anything you wish
  • Find the awareness of guilt; from neutral, call on the fourth Ray to disengage it
  • Bring the pieces into the fifth Ray; from the sixth Ray, bring down the word balance, reorganize
  • Bring it into the fourth Ray and own your new construction, adjust if needed
  • Repeat this process with isolation and then your own word

Complete Lecture (1:03:46)

Q&A (37:32)

  1. Will I get more practice with the Rays if I join Level 1?
  2. What challenges can we expect in the next three years?
  3. My word is blame, my new word is forgiveness, thank you so much.
  4. Please tell us more about the unified field of consciousness.
  5. What are the colors associated with Rays four, five and six?
  6. Does it become easier to do visualizations?
  7. Are waves of people waking up now?
  8. Could I bring my work environment into the fifth Ray for disassembling?
  9. I don’t understand when you say, “the answer lies where the question is asked.”
  10. How will the coming challenges affect those who need more structure?