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Orderly vs. Chaotic Creating

Orderly vs. Chaotic Creating

Metatron: For this next class, I am desiring for the students to have more usability of those first three Rays, as well as the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays, at a much different level than they have had before. These awarenesses and these concepts need to be laid down as we begin to work with these accelerated energetic patterns and templates, so there is a deeper understanding that these Color Codings and these color radiations are not necessarily what they are normally accustomed to. They are not what they see with the human eye. They are much more than that and take in a much broader perspective energetically, as well as esoterically, to raise the consciousness. It is a key component in changing the molecular structure of the physical body and the physical realm.

Jim: Say more about the definition of ‘radiation’. I can see that it has more of, I want to use the word ‘brightness’, although I think that’s limited here. And, it’s almost as if it’s metered more. You would use a very fine line to accomplish something, versus a broad spectrum.

Metatron: Radiations are particles of Light or energetics that are expressed in particles, as well as a more expansive unit that you would consider a wave. Because it has an excitement it can be utilized in particles or it can be used in more unified fields and expressed as waves, which have a much greater energetic component to them because they are composed of many particles. These radiations have various states of expression within them. From a very minute expression to a very expansive and powerful expression.

Jim: Is it a function of orderliness? Is there an ordering to radiation, which would then form the patterns, then form the templates?

Metatron: Correct. It is a sequential ordering that provides ease and flow to the creation; an orderliness to it. Take it out of the realm of chaos, which is not orderly. It is through these very refined energetic templates that have been installed (Color Codes and radiations) that you have access to creating in a very expansive way and in a very orderly way, rather than a destructive, chaotic way. It elevates the creative potential to a much greater degree that is in perfect resonance with the original schematic of Source; of Prime Creator.

An example of chaotic creation would be during the Fall of Consciousness when the creator gods created using their own light and not the Light of Creator. Mutations began to take on form in that creative process. It was a very escalated, quick way of creating but it was also very chaotic. There was not the orderliness that is present in the original schematic. Many things were created from those mutations that then continued to be out of resonance with the divine plan and the original schematic. As the mutations increased there were variations that were not in resonance and not in a similitude of the original intention of the Creator’s divine plan.

As we have stopped the mutations, it is key that we begin to bring that creative process back into the original resonance of the divine plan. That can only be done using the first three Rays of Creation and the energetic codings that are present within those Rays. Especially in the second Ray, which allows that divine plan to come into the outer realms of form and into a usable format. This changes the destructiveness of what has occurred through the mutations. We are bringing back the orderliness of the original schematic.

Jim: I can see that. In the context of where we’re speaking, would the concept of ‘randomness’ have been a mutation?

Metatron: There is a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer to that. Randomness can have a ‘random’ template. It can have an orderliness to it as well. It can also have a chaotic aspect to it that was present in those mutations. The randomness that was applied was not sequential or orderly. It was random to the extreme.

Jim: Yes. I see that. This is helpful. A light bulb went on with a lot of knowledge to it.

Metatron: Yes. It is important this is discussed so the students have an understanding of what the progression here is and the importance of installing the Eye of Horus, so the original schematic and the energetics can begin to be used properly. As we begin to use the first three Rays, along with the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays, to reorder the first four chakras, it is of prime importance the Eye of Horus is available. The Lords of Light and the Elohim, who are Prime Creators, can then begin to communicate during that creative process. That resonance is then brought back into the physical realm and the physical body. 

As the creative template is changed, it is in the resonance with the original design. The illusions then begin to be disintegrated; the illusion of separateness and the illusion of unworthiness. When we really apply these energetics and these color radiations and these Color Codings in the first, second, third, and fourth chakras, the illusions of the ego state of unworthiness, of separateness, are disintegrated. They are replaced with the energetic pattern that was originally designed and created. The orderliness of the radiations and the electromagnetic fields can be returned to their original design.

It is somewhat complex but, it is very usable. We have taken great care to bring you to this point in your evolution. There was a very precise sequential development of the information around the Rays of Creation. Then bringing that into a teachable, usable format that could be used within the physical body and the physical realm. It changes that realm, lifts it to the fifth dimension and to the inner dimensional components of the original design.

So, we will allow another week for this integration. We will then interject another energetic component, and then allow you to experiment and use these templates to recreate the resonance within the first four chakras, connecting them with that eighth chakra. This then allows the Soul expression to come more fully into the physical realm. Can you see that?

Jim: I can. I can. This will be enjoyable, putting this class together.

Metatron: We appreciate you in this co-creative venture that we have undertaken. It will be of great value to the collective once we begin to more earnestly work in the reconfiguration of those first four chakras. As the students are able to accomplish this, they open great pathways for many to begin to use these templates.

We thank you for receiving us. Blessings.

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration this course unfolded.

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