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A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - PranaZadkiel:  The breath is a very important sequential part in any transformational work at the denser levels. The breath also is very much connected to the medulla center for more than reasons of breathing and bringing oxygen into the body.  It has other components and uses that are related to the medulla center. Using the breath to move the energetics, to move the light frequencies through various parts of the physical body or various parts of the chakra system is very valuable.  There is not a lot of understanding about the functioning of the medulla center, both as a part of the physical brain and also as a part of the chakra system.  It is by using that breath intentionally and moving the energy and frequencies, to the pineal center and then directing those energetics into the heart center where there is a fertile ground.  

We talked about the Still Point the last time we met, and I led you to experience it in a broader way.  When you use that breath and bring the energetics that you have placed within the configuration of the triangle through your breath, through the pineal, down into the heart (where the electromagnetic fields are totally in balance and in perfection). It transforms or changes the components of that triangle. It is a great impetus and expansion tool.  It enhances and allows that expansion so that your consciousness can see clearly and absorb what is needed to change the thought or the emotion or the creation. So, yes, it is a valuable asset.  Your eastern religions talk about this often – the prana.  It is a very important component of your physicality as well as your energetic system that can be used and employed in various applications and is essential in moving the energetics within the denseness of form.

As you experiment more fully with your students, you will learn a lot from their experience as you direct them in the use of the breath and bringing those energetics through the pineal and into the Still Point of the heart where the transformation and expansion can take place more easily.  You will then begin to experiment and look at the medulla center in a different way. There will be more information that will become available to you.  We will touch on this as we explore the ninth and tenth Rays because this is another important center.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.



Dear Jim, I so much enjoy these Blogs, remembering, being able to explore these informations differently than at the time I heard them first, more puzzle pieces fall into place - etc. etc., ... thanks a lot. Rainy spring greetings from Germany to you and Roxane.







I find it facinating - attention on the mechanisms of breath and how it relates to consciousness, light and chakra system. Do you include in yoru teachings to the students? Do you find it helpful for yourself? 


thanks, Helen