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Reaching Stable Calmness With the Triads

Reaching Stable Calmness With the Triads

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - Reaching Stable Calmness with the TriadsGreetings, it is I Kuthumi. It’s very nice to be with you this morning.  You are managing to progress and to have more information in regards to the spin mechanism that we have been talking about in the last few sessions.  We have covered the first two Triads. Hopefully you are finding that they have integrated well and that you are able to use them and benefit.    I will begin this session by asking you how you have found that experience.

Jim: Explaining the Triads, working with the students and watching their experiences and reactions has been very beneficial.  Personally the experience is still somewhat muted.  It’s not an exaggerated set of feelings as I go into this level of the love and light; its very calm and flowing, and its not exaggerated.  I don’t find great peaks or great bursts of knowledge. It’s very peaceful and very stable.

Kuthumi: Very good.  This is the intention of having this mechanism in play in your field - so that there are no peaks and valleys. There is a calmness, there is a stability. Yet it allows for great fluidity, not only in thought that can be accessed but also in various geometrical configurations that can be accessed in a very fluid, calm way. You will notice when you activate this mechanism that you do not have great highs or bursts of magnificent higher concepts but it’s just a very fluid, flowing, gentle space.

Jim: That’s the experience I’ve been having.

Kuthumi: You are developing, creating and manifesting unlimited potential by using the geometries and by applying them to the second and the third Triads.  You have built a very stable foundation in that first Triad, which is essential in working with the spin mechanism. It’s essential to have that foundation. The calm stability comes from the first Triad because it is anchored in the Sacred Heart and in the High Heart. This provides the base, the stability, and yet allows for fluidity.  Then when you shift into the second and third Triads, you open unlimited possibilities for creativeness and manifestation, whether that be a project you are working with or the desire to raise the consciousness level in your field to connect to the All-That-Is.  It provides vast opportunities to become a participant with the All-That-Is. This oneness is so elusive to you when you are in form, in a physical body, in the third, fourth, fifth dimensional realities.  You are able to step out of that, into higher states of consciousness where that oneness concept is very real, viable and you are participating in that fluidity. 

And you can add color, you can add sound, you can add light frequencies, and make it as simple or complex as you desire. It’s sometimes difficult for students to comprehend the vastness of what’s being presented because, in the physical realm, you are used to having it in a confined space. Thought has limitations because of the nature of the physical realm.  So when you step into the field of the spin mechanism, you are removing many of the restraints.  As you remove them, you are able to raise your consciousness considerably, strictly by allowing yourself no limitations. Allowing yourself to be seated in those two higher Triads raises your consciousness and your awareness greatly.  You at first will not be able to articulate fully but there is a knowing that begins to take place. It will take time for the integration to occur from those higher states of consciousness in a way that you can work with and bring them down into lower concepts that have structure.  That is the beauty of having the first Triad very installed and stable, because it plays a vital part then in transmitting these higher states of consciousness and unlimited knowing in a way that can be put somewhere in that structure and utilized in the physical world. It is not something that you can experiment with for a couple of days and then lay it aside for a month and get the full impact of what you are creating.
This is an excerpt from a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.