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Responsibility... An Imposition or an Opportunity?

Responsibility... An Imposition or an Opportunity?

Mastering Alchemy Free Webinar - Responsibility - An IMposition or an Opportunity?

Depending on how you have chosen to experience the feeling of the word, it has shaped your experience of your world. Responsibility - How does this word feel in your body? Together we will unravel negative obligation and restructure your response-ability into your "Ability to Respond".


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Part 1 Questions and Answers

  1. Where do I need to put my foot down?
  2. Where does the energy go when the person you are sending it back to has passed away?
  3. Does it help to not watch the news to reduce the emotional turmoil or does it help to send them the rose to help the world?
  4. How do I stay neutral and let it be my husband’s responsibility? Do I just let it go?
  5. Why when I’m clearing energy do I feel discomfort in my throat?
  6. I have an acute sensitivity to noise and unpleasant voices. Would the rose help me?
  7. There is a fine line between neutral and being taken advantage of. At what point do I stop without being reactive?
  8. What is the quickest way to reach neutral when in an emotionally charged situation?
  9. How do we maintain our neutrality and be happy when others do not come along with us?
  10. From neutral I find I have less ambition and goals. Can you talk about that? 11. Can I use this tool to clear self-Imposed stuff like “being the perfect….”?
  11. Is the outside external world supposed to change? Is there something I’m supposed to do to facilitate it?
  12. Do we ever want to be with people again? The interaction is just not interesting to me.


Part 2 Questions and Answers

  1. When we said ‘hello’ to the Soul I saw and felt a presence I can only call angelic. What am I sensing?
  2. I’m losing my friends as I do this work and mostly spend time alone. Is it healthy to not be social?
  3. How does online streaming work? How do I access the classes in level one?
  4. Does the work that we MA’ers do as individuals help others create new openings and choices for them?
  5. As far as responsibility, where do we find balance with raising children?
  6. What uses spiritually or otherwise does Alzheimer’s serve, especially since it is on the rise?
  7. What should we answer when people ask? Should we point them to MA or talk from our own experiences?
  8. Can you talk about physical responses (yawning, aches, sensations) to energy work?