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Into the Sacred Heart

Into the Sacred Heart

Greetings it is I Kuthumi: I am very excited about your participation in this project. My desire here is to integrate some of the aspects of the spin mechanism and make them more usable within the various Rays of Creation. This spin mechanism is a very energetically potent dynamic that comes directly from the Godhead. 

It is a gift and a dispensation that has been granted to the Earth plane at this time and it will enhance the student’s ability to use the Rays in a very precise way. Energetically it will lift their physical being to states of consciousness that are needed for them to make the use of the eighth Ray, and above, a viable possibility. There are great limitations within the third dimensional physical body that we will be able to change by bringing together the angelic realm, the concept and the energetic format of the Rays and the master realm of which I represent the many that are within that realm. 

Having you in a physical body and going through this process with us is an extremely important step that we take. It takes those embodied to participate in this level of transformation.  You are in a physical body that has limitations as you open yourself up to these energetic changes. Bring into unity all aspects of that physicality and you facilitate the opening, and the possibility, for many others who are also embodied. You are key in this project. It takes the three realms participating fully and coherently to bring these changes about. 

This is about opening the heart to a new level and to begin to merge the concepts from the Higher Mind and seed it within the heart, the Sacred Heart. This is about opening the student’s awareness to not only various possibilities but to thoughts and emotions that promote a state of wellbeing and a state of open-heartedness at a new level. It is not just about feeling a warm fuzzy feeling in the center. The center is a very powerful and viable center when opened fully. Most beings on your planet have heard about the importance of having an open heart but energetically have been unable to sustain a level of opening that is required for the Higher Mind to be fully seated within that center and to begin to operate and to actually conceive thought through the energetics of that Sacred Heart center. It is through raising the vibratory rate within the first Triad that this is achieved. There is a sequential order to establishing that vibratory rate. First of all it is done with the breath and with intention to establish a coherent vibratory rate. Secondly, there must be a viable, established pathway between the crown, the pineal and the heart center and an energetic flow between these three centers. Then the energetics from the creative realm, which you would term the realm of the Godhead, is established. When the attention of the student is drawn into the heart and a vibration and spinning is established, there is a flow of energy that takes place through the crown, through the pineal and into the heart. And that flow of energy is essential in establishing that base chakra in the open format that we desire. The crown chakra has a limited opening in most beings on your planet because of the Fall in Consciousness where it was closed for some time. 

There is also a restriction because of the imbalance that is within the mental and the emotional body. That imbalance has to be righted. A balance has to be established. A unification has to be created within those two bodies, merging into the spiritual body so that those higher charkas open to their full potential. As we work with these Triads in your Level 2 classes we will be establishing the balance and the merging of these three bodies, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual body. 

From there we will merge that unit into the physical body, which will open fully and completely that third Triad and allow all three Triads to function as a Unified Field. The physicality itself is enveloped in an energetic Unified Field that streams light frequencies directly from the Godhead. That is the process as the soul, embodied in a physical body, is directly associated with the Godhead. The awareness of being a co-creator then gets established. All thoughts and all emotions attached to those thoughts in the creative process are totally and completely in resonance with the All That Is. This is co-creating the physical realm in complete compliance with what you would term divine will. 

You can see how there is a progression within these lessons and achieving what is desired not only conceptually but energetically. This is where the magnificent angelic realms come into play because they are the masters and the guardians of the energetic formats. It will be an interweaving. There will be concepts given by me in how to establish that balance. There will be concepts given by Zadkiel, Uriel and Metatron in how to incorporate the energetic formatting that must be established within the physicality to bring about the balance and the cohesiveness of that Unified Field. That is key in changing the physical realm itself and transforming it to a higher state of consciousness. 

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Jim Self and Kuthumi to prepare for a class.