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Separation - Them vs. Us

Separation - Them vs. Us

Mastering Alchemy Free Webinar - Separation - Them vs. UsThe world is changing...What do I do now?

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Part 1 Q&A

  1. When I listen to MA webinars or recordings I cry.  Will this subside?
  2. You’ve mentioned the possibility of two worlds.  Can you please expand on that?
  3. What’s the difference between the rose and the triads of words?
  4. When you say ‘they won’t see us’, do you mean this literally?
  5. I find it really uncomfortable to not be influenced by the energy of charged people.
  6. Will the higher earth of the two earths be the ascended earth?
  7. How do I discern the discomfort of my own baggage from the discomfort of the transition of others?
  8. Sometimes I trigger irrational behavior in others, especially when I’m in a good place. Can you explain this?
  9. I find myself reacting and yelling at the television.  How do I not react to world events?


Part 2 Q&A

  1. When I use the rose is it also helping the other person to heal?  
  2. How does one stay in the present when financial agreements put one’s energy into the future?  
  3. So many people are getting sick and dying.  How should we handle death?   
  4. I am often surrounded by the energy of alcoholism.  These tools seem to make them angrier at me.  Any suggestions?
  5. How do I create a selective receivership without pushing, which interferes with allowing?
  6. Is it different when listening to a recording as opposed to a live session?
  7. My stuff is not showing up in my waking life but it is showing up in my dream state.  Is it the same thing?
  8. How do we address someone who thinks the rose tool is too simple to accomplish anything?
  9. Questions on having chronic illness and how to break out of a belief that holds that illness in place.  
  10. Is level 2 a recorded course?  That would be great if it was.  
  11. Any suggestions on how to remember dreams?  I feel like I am missing so much.
  12. What can I do to make the world better?