Sounds You Hear and Don’t Hear - Part One | Mastering Alchemy

Sounds You Hear and Don’t Hear - Part One

Sounds You Hear and Don’t Hear - Part One

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - Sounds You Hear and Don't Hear - Part OneZadkiel: Let us begin today in a very simplistic way with some of the dynamics that you already have some familiarity with and awareness of.  That is; sound as you hear it with the physical ear.  When you hear, with your physical ear, a note played, such as the note C, you experience it in the physical body. The origination is a vibration. The end result, the experience of that vibration, in form, is not the same as at the origination of that experience however.  This is very complex and may be somewhat difficult to absorb at this moment.  This is a complexity that must be covered now so that a bigger understanding can come into play as we move more fully into the ninth Ray.

Jim: Are you saying that what I hear as a note or sound is at the origination point a vibration which is not a sound? Instead the sound is carried on that vibration and when it gets to my ear I, in my limitedness, call that “sound”?

Zadkiel: Correct.  We have talked about (in other transmissions long ago) sounds that are used in creation that are not heard by the human ear.  This is what I’m talking about.  It is in the experience and the way in which it is transmitted, that creates your experience of that vibration.  And there are certain vibratory levels in creation, within that ninth Ray, that are not compatible with the dimensional reality of the physical body at this time, nor of the state of conscious awareness that they can be received and experienced and used.

Jim: Let me say that back to you.  The inner ear mechanism that we attribute hearing to has a specific range of vibrational capacity.  Certain sounds will carry through that vibrational capacity.  Many other sounds move through us but there is no receptivity mechanism that would allow the sound to interface with the body in a vibration that we would identify.

Zadkiel:  Correct.  Now, to add onto that, there are sounds that move though those receptors, that are beyond your comprehension because of your state of consciousness and also the capability of the physical form to identify the sound.  But, they are present and have an effect on your physical experience.

Jim: We are being influenced, but we don’t know it in our third dimensional reality.

Zadkiel: Correct, You are not conscious of it.  We could spend a great deal of your time working with what is already known and used in this reality and at some point we will touch on that to correlate a few things but it is not my intention to do that today.  My intention here is to bring a more expansive view of sound currents and how they affect your reality and your experience; how they can be used to elevate states of awareness; how the vibrations are used and attached to frequencies of light. Because they can be attached to these frequencies of light, the sound currents will make them more usable and bring them more into the state of consciousness where you now reside. You can also experience them in increments.  Do you understand?

Jim: Yes

Zadkiel: There are vibrations that are very compatible and very usable within the channels of the human structure and you know those as sounds that you make in languaging and in musical notes.  The scale that you have in your realm now is incomplete.  You have a range from a C to a C. CDEFGABC. This is the range in which the compatibility of sound and vibratory ranges are usable within the human experience or the physical experience.  Animals also have ranges that they can utilize in their bodies that you do not have an experiential awareness of.  This is because of the separation that has occurred over the eons as your civilization changed its focus.  Therefore, you are not as attuned to the various parts of the physicality as an animal, because the thinking process and focus of attention has changed.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course. Join us for Part 2 next week.