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Spiraling Flow Through the Chakras

Spiraling Flow Through the Chakras

Kuthumi: Greetings. It is I, Kuthumi! It is our desire that you get that awareness of your eternal nature into your body. It is our desire that you get the massiveness of your spiritual Essence and your unity with all of Creation into your body. You have to get that awareness deep within you before you can fully get the Rays of Creation and make them usable in a very specific way. You have to get that awareness. That is what we have been building in these last weeks. We have been building this pathway to that awareness. Can you see that?

Jim: Very much. A container has to be put in place.

Kuthumi: Exactly. That is why we have taken such great depth to bring this very slowly and precisely into these teachings. Even though many of your students will pass up these teachings on the chakra system because they feel like they have far surpassed that, I tell you that these are very integral steps in changing the functioning of the energetic system. That has to be paid attention to. The body itself functions through the functioning of that energetic system and enables you to open to much greater states of consciousness and awareness of yourself as well as awareness of all things.

So patience, patience. We are almost there. We have a few things we have to pay attention to. The body is dense and the body needs your attention. You need to begin to value that vehicle because without it we could not be where we are now. Some final things have to be put in place for the body itself to completely transform and change its energetic components.

I would like to continue in this vein for a couple more weeks in regards to these first four chakras and bringing in an energetic flow from the first through the fourth chakras through the eighth and ninth chakras and then do a reversal of bringing the energetics from the eighth and ninth chakras, spiraling it down through the chakra system and anchoring it in that first chakra. Then spiraling it back up again. There is a spiraling flow that takes place within the chakra system that is flowing in both directions. Then the complete Merkaba field is operating in its completeness. 

It takes those chakras coming on line and functioning in that spiraling for that field to be completely activated and functioning. Then the dense, carbon based physical body does not hinder the functioning of the field of the Merkaba. It has been brought online energetically and the chakras are functioning properly. Some attention has yet to be given to these lower four chakras because this is where you will have resistance. You will have fear that enters as these changes in your world are happening at a very fast rate. Within days and months you will see great changes on your Earth. In order for you to be able to operate I would not be serving you if I did not insist or encourage you to activate these lower four chakras to bring them up to speed with what you have achieved with the spin mechanism in the Triads.

Jim: I understand. It doesn’t feel like work. It’s just the next piece of the puzzle that becomes very exciting. It feels good in the body.

Kuthumi: Most certainly it does. When some of your students are tempted by outside influences and events to feel frustration or anxiety, this will not flow into complete fruition. Because they have done the work in that first and second chakra it alters the way in which the third and fourth chakras function. Those first two chakras are key; especially the first one because that is where it all starts.

Jim: Will the magnetics of the challenging events of the world making this Shift not be as felt or as intense, based on the re-establishing or reconstructing those lower four chakras? 

Kuthumi: Correct. The students and you have reconstructed, or changed, the electromagnetic fields within your own personal energetic field. That has been altered because of the work that you have done with the Rays of Creation and because of the work that you are now doing with the chakras.

You are beginning to look at how that first chakra operated; why it operates in third dimension; how it was designed to hold a third dimensional state of consciousness within the physical realm and how you alter that through the use of the Rays and the expansion of your consciousness. When you have those temptations, they are very brief, and you recognize, ‘Oh that’s what that is and I don’t need to be concerned with that because that is not who I am.’

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration the Level 3 course unfolded.


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Is the Merkaba field mentioned refering to the star tetrahedron geometry constructed early in level 2 or the full living light body integrated in level 3 year 3. As i am in level 2 i am using the axis of the star tetrahedron as the guide line to spiral the energy along.