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Spiraling Words Through the Chakras

Spiraling Words Through the Chakras

Kuthumi:  Greetings.  It is I, Kuthumi. I’m very excited about what we are presenting now because I think that it will not only impact the evolution of this project and these students, but this information and these techniques will allow many to escalate their shift in consciousness and provide an avenue to create alternatively. The changes that are made within their individual energetics and their thoughts and emotions will be permanent and it will happen in a very rapid, sequential order. 

In the last class, working with the first two chakras in creating different thoughts and different emotional components was very impactful on everyone who chose to participate. I would like to continue in this vein, and suggest adding a different chosen word associated with that first chakra. I would like to add an emotional component and then carry it further into the third and fourth chakras. This will allow them to begin to see the flow of the energy that takes place within those four chakras. This is very necessary so the energy spirals upward rather than downward where it is grounded out and of no benefit.

When it spirals upward, through the first, second, third and fourth chakras, it then continues the spiral through the entire chakra system out through the crown. All the way up to the Godhead. Depending on the state of consciousness, it may be interrupted either in the first, second, third, or fourth chakra. It then begins to spiral downward and is grounded out. The whole creative process is not only altered but stopped. The higher chakras then cannot function properly and do not have the energetic impetus for the rotations and the vibratory rates that are required in higher states of consciousness.  Those templates require a certain vibratory rate in order to be usable.

By choosing a word that we could begin to create from that first chakra, it changes from survival into wellbeing.  Here again, this, as we have spoken of, is the home of the mental body. There is a precise orderliness that is present in that chakra, especially when you look at it from the perspective of family patterns that are either genetically transmitted, or taught from a third dimensional state of consciousness. This impacts the functioning of the first four chakras.  

The first two chakras are very, very much tied together in that creative process in the third, fourth, and fifth dimension.  The emotional component of that is transmitted through the DNA and through teachings and examples within the life experiences. This can be from observations a small child has of the family dynamics. It doe no’t necessarily have to be in the form of structured teaching. The observations and levels of fear that are present in those dynamics is very impactful around how that individual creates. The chakra system can be hindered or locked down because of these patterns that are gleaned or received from the family unit. Not just the parents but siblings and various associations as well.

Individuals who are in the transformation process and who are seeking the ascension process often times dismiss what is affecting them from the first and second chakras.  What is in the first and second chakra is hindering the ascension process. They cannot be empowered; they cannot access the self love. They cannot experience the dynamics that stem from the wellbeing accessed through the first and second chakras.

This is an excerpt of a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim in preparation for a class. Communication through Joan Walker.


This makes so much sense!

SENIORITY is the word that keeps on comining up for me, stronger and stronger!

It was taken away when I was a child and somehow I knew this was happening and I did all I could to get it back!

I felt outraged, angry & disappointed in the adults who let this happen.

I felt I was a great being and no one could see that and that deprived me of my biggest gift, seniority.

Of course today I see it in a different way and I'm not longer angry! I'm actually grateful beacsue I bulit a life a treasure and of which MA is a massive part of.

Thank you Jim & Roxanne for putting me in the direction of my seniority again...I'm loving this!

I m enthusiastic reading theses words. Really enthusiastic. The first chakra has been the battle ground for eons. What was Troja about? It was about Helena. the war about possessing - that's how it was perceived - the beauty and sensual  of divine female Energies in twhich could be experienced so attractively in the physical form.  Those who could expose that they possessed the most beautiful lady demonstrated their power over the divine female spiritual energy and could execute the 3D version of power. 

Magdalena knows probably much much more about this. Mariay ,I m sure. Anna. The three women know what we are so desperately have been begging for, what we have been afraid of at the same time. May they help us to end this war. We need the healing and the integration of the first chakra. To drop the devaluation of it, we have learnt over eons,  comes to an end. So much suffering, pain has come from there. Friendships, love and relationship were destroyed and scattered because of the deformation of the first chakra.. Look at Wilhelm Reich and Freud. Reich was dismissed by Freud. He was rejected in Europe and Check how Wilhelm Reich ended: in an American jail. And why: because he had come for attempting to solve the enmeshment of 3D onto the first chakra.

it s not about America but about the lesson coming front. So many women and men have talked so openly to  me  and showed me how miserable they feel separating sex from love.i  could not connect it. I was also seeking and in Deep fear. We d love to feel as spiritual beings in a physical body. We try our best. All the sufferings can end and I m so dedicated and committed  there only to contribute to this crucial

Aspect which now becomes visible and apparent. And the peace joy extasy and radiation  comes from a liberated healed first chakra as a resident a citizen of the fifth dimension and connected to higher levels.

This is the moment I can joyfully forgive those women who have left me because they were seeking sensual "fun" with another guy. Their sense of presence needed as Al Moyra says for further bringing heaven to earth, is so deeply and vividly connected to the functioning of the first chakra. The most decent .

I m so grateful for your work, for the cooperation and trust  of the  AA, the AM the Lords of light , the Creators love. I m so thankful for the startetrahedron with the ascended masters connecting to the upper one and the  Holy women connected to the lower one.


lets go for it. Yes I m standing tall. Yes this is the time.

with love excitement and blessings.