How Do You Stay Sane During the Holidays? Part 2 | Mastering Alchemy

How Do You Stay Sane During the Holidays? Part 2

How Do You Stay Sane During the Holidays? Part 2

How Do You Stay Sane During the Holidays? Part Two 

Below are more tricks Mastering Alchemy participants have shared that get them through this season with grace and ease. Post your own secret to staying sane and certain during the holidays. We'd love to hear what works for you. 

17- I think creating little personal traditions helps a lot. This year I’ll fun being a volunteer course monitor for the Run to Feed the Hungry held Thanksgiving morning. ~ C. Kashiwagi, California

18- I remember it is not about me. I don’t have to throw the biggest party, serve the most delicious food or give the most expensive or unusual presents. I can just BE and enjoy the season. ~ Susan M., Tennessee

19- I don’t always stay light and tranquil through these times but when I go outside and be with Nature, it is always better. Nature is my nurturer. ~ Karen F-W., Mexico City 

20- One of my best ways of staying sane during the holidays is to take the time to focus on breathing in the circular pattern I learned from you. This immediately brings me back to emotional peace. ~ Sally H., British Columbia, Canada 

21- You’re going to think I’m crazy when I say this... but the best way I know to stay sane and certain during the holidays is... don’t eat sugar! Yes, I know it sounds impossible, but once you get going it’s really not so bad and it’s sooooo calming through the Holidaze not to be strung out on all the sweets. ~ Lucinda S., Oregon

22- Amusement is the best tool I use for Holiday Stress. It is rather amusing that a time that is suppose to be about a break, relaxation, family, gratitude, rest and reflection is totally the opposite. ~ Anna H., Georgia

23- I ground the people who are stressed out. I use my bubble especially in public, and it seems to work. ~ Philamina, Egypt 

24- My best “secret” to maintaining my seniority and my certainty, moving away from the “poor me’s” is to go to gratitude; gratitude for who I am, where I am and what I have. I just keep saying “Thank you...” ~ John G., Virginia

25- I lay down in the sun on a blanket of pine needles and surrender what does not serve me. And for awhile I become that which I truly am. ~ Marc H., Nevada

26- I take the entire week off and go to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins and the turtles. Now that is certainly sane! ~ Barbara B., Idaho

27- What works best for me is I will be running my energy and visualizing peace at home and around the world! ~ Diana F., Colorado

28- I have a mantra for stressful times: “Stop, Look and Listen.” ~ R. B. London

29- During the holidays I limit the time I spend on the city streets and in stores by only shopping for things that are necessary such as food. ~ Lorine L., Mexico City

30- An important secret to staying happy is my facial expression. My facial expression can affect my thinking process – so I smile lovingly, and pretty soon I have gentle loving thoughts! ~ D. Hall, Colorado

31- My secret to sanity and happiness during this time of year is to watch old movies and sleep in. I only change out of my pajamas to go outside. ~ Debbie A., Florida

32- Secret to Sanity - Reminding my 4 year old to breathe in deeply and blow out all the air seems to do the trick as far as settling him down. ~ Michelle C., Australia

33- I give grounding cords to those who seem frazzled or down and out and surround them with gold light remembering that I, too, am there sometimes. ~ Denise S., Montana

34- The way I stay sane and certain during the holidays is to simply treat others as I would wish to be treated myself - no better or worse than that. Holding this thought, repeating it as a mantra in my head as: “The spirit in me respects the spirit in you” seems to work for me in times of pressure, crowds and stress. ~ Ann E., Ecuador 

35- To stay sane and peaceful during the holidays, I visit my (out of town) parents for a week in the Spring! ~ Bonnie G., Nevada

36- How do I stay sane and certain during the holidays? Well, it sometimes comes down to telling myself, “this, too, shall pass”! ~ Alyson K., North Dakota

37- I start the day with what I am calling my “Thank You Meditation”. I start with my toes and thank them and tell them I love them. Then I go up my body. Saying “thank you” followed by “I love you”. Then (time providing) I do the same thing with my internal organs, endrocrine system and cellular system. I thank each system and tell it that I love it. It’s amazing how happy this makes my body and how it restores my energy. Then I send the “thank you” and “I love you” down my grounding chord and out to my Octahedron. Works wonders! ~ Julia R., Ontario, Canada

38- I’m very good at staying on track as far as nutrition goes, so I allow myself permission to eat and drink anything I want to from Thanksgiving through New Years. Funny thing is that I usually don’t stray too far from my usual fare anyway. ~ James G., Oklahoma

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