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Survival and Fear of Dying, Part 1

Survival and Fear of Dying, Part 1

Greetings.  It is I, Kuthumi. Now it is time to bring some of these energetics into the physical realm.  I wish today to begin a discussion with you in regards to the mental and emotional bodies and also the first three chakras.  All of the information that has been given through the Angelic Realm in recent weeks is very appropriate in these times of change.  And there is a sequential order to these things, as you realize.  It is time now to begin to do some bridge work within the physical realm, bringing states of consciousness into that realm in a very real way through the mental and emotional bodies. This topic and lesson will span several of your weeks and your classes.

As we approach this experiment, we must address all levels of your being.  We want to address those first three chakras because those are very important in having mastery within the physical form. They are a bridge between the physical and the non-physical. They are the bridge to the Triads and those higher chakras. They are a bridge to accessing Universal Mind in a more real way.  We have done some work there already – bringing the students’ attention to those three chakras, reconfiguring them in more resonance with the Holy Spirit, the El Shaddai, and the Divine Essence to be used in the physical realm with mastery. Had that work not been done previously in the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays, they would not have been able to begin to reconfigure the structure of the first three chakras, and begin to create a flow within those chakras that is more resonant now with the Triads and the upper chakras. There is a balance that they have created within the system.

Another component is the way in which they use their emotional body.  When they step out of a familiar space into a change, there is a great temptation to fall back into emotions of fear and also thought patterns that are created by that fear. Great attention needs to be paid to the mental and emotional bodies and the way in which that patterning can be detrimental to their ability to hold a very firm, stable, Light-filled energetic base, which is required.  They are now being called upon to enhance the first chakra and that component within the first chakra that houses thoughts and emotional responses around survival.  Because of the things that are playing out on your planet at this time, that is a real issue. That patterning of survival has to be changed.  The way that will be changed is through consistent attention and use of the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays, therefore, reinforcing a new perspective and patterning in regards to survival.

This next class call is where we desire to do some work so that the students have a very firm foundation in their mental and emotional bodies and their ability to sustain life for as long as as they desire. They may attain this mastery in the physical realm through those first three chakras, energetically enhancing the functioning of those chakras through the mental and emotional bodies.  The key component here is the mastery gained through the use of the mental and emotional bodies.  As the mastery is acquired, those two bodies are merged into a unit, then further merged into the physical, then merged into the spiritual.

Jim:  Let’s be more specific right here because I see a teaching opportunity in terms of the concept that physical body does not have to die, as we understand dying. A few classes back Metatron said survival is not about trying to stay alive; survival is understanding about how to perfect and maximize the vehicle to sustain itself as long as desired. That understanding was a very simple but profound shift from, “I’m going to die” to “I don’t need to lose the body”. There would be an opportunity in that mental and emotional shift for the clearing of the fear levels that are very unconscious and deeply programmed. We can use the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays to very rapidly accelerate the awareness to the level of ‘the body does not have to be lost’. Is this what you’re saying?

Kuthumi:  You are absolutely correct.  It is not so much about working with removing those unconscious fears but more about reprogramming the thought system and the beliefs that have been created through the thought system. In the next call, we are going to work with creating a thought system that is perfectly aligned with that awareness.  Do you see?

Jim:  Yes, I do.  And it would be from that reprogrammed thought system that we can remove the unconscious stress and fear just by holding that greater perspective.  It’s a lot easier to push the rock down the hill than it is to push the rock up the hill.

Kuthumi:  Yes. That is very apropos in this situation. There is such resistance if you go at it from that other perspective.   Whereas, if you create a new thought system and a belief system, then when the temptation comes from those feelings that arise from the unconscious fear, they will see that as, “Oh, that is old programming. It is not valid.”  Then it is a very easy transition. It will be discarded in a very easy way.

This is a conversation in preparation for a Level 2 class.

Next week: Survival and Fear of Dying, Part 2