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Survival and Fear of Dying, Part 2

Survival and Fear of Dying, Part 2

Kuthumi: The other part that I wish to bring to your attention is family lineage patterns. You have worked on removing fear and negative thought patterns that were taught by the family of origin.  That work was very valid and opened opportunities and pathways that were much needed at that time. The work that we will be doing in regards to survival can also be applied to those genetic lineage patterns. As you create new thought systems and new belief systems, the other just falls away because you see very clearly, through the presence of the Holy Spirit. Those others no longer apply.

As this new thought system is created, it changes the electromagnetic field in which those old systems and outmoded patterns are held.  And, they begin to fray and fall away.

Jim:  My analogy is, when you’re in a cloud or fog and the temperature changes, the air begins to circulate and the density of the cloud begins to dissipate.  Where we are, at this point in the work, is we have been rising up in that fog and it’s now beginning to change temperature and density. There is beginning to be more of an ease in grasping what we’re talking about right here. There’s been great progress made by all of the students here and that clarity is beginning to be available to each.

Kuthumi:  Yes.  It is exciting for us in the Archangelic realm to watch this evolvement as the students embody the energetic components and the changes that are taking place. Quite exciting from our perspective. Michael asked them to observe very clearly their energetic components as they negotiate their life and know that they have this discernment and this clarity very much in the forefront of their awareness and their being.

Jim:  It’s just holding that new belief that you don’t have to do virtually any of the things that the old belief system was programmed for.  It’s just that shift:  the glass half full, vs. half empty.

Kuthumi:  Exactly. It is the continual reinforcement of the functioning of the Triads and the presence of the Holy Spirit within them. What that functioning does for them, as an evolving Soul, is it allows the change of the mental and emotional bodies, the thought systems, and the belief systems.  With great ease.  As they breathe that in and they use it, as they see it and believe it, it creates the impetus for them then to create new thought patternings, new emotional responses and a new belief system that has more compatibility to their fifth dimensional state of consciousness.  It is that simple. 

The way in which the first three chakras function and the way in which the energetics flow from one chakra to another begins to allow the individual expression, while also having the divine essence of the Holy Spirit functioning within those three chakras at all times. It is within that full compatible resonance of their thoughts and their emotional responses that they empower themselves in a very real way. In complete resonance with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  It is not about ‘my will’ over ‘your will’, but in complete resonance with the will of Creator.

These concepts that we have been discussing today will be of great value to bring that into the students’ awareness and then begin to work, not only from the perspective of the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays, but, bringing in the mental and the emotional body and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  You are merging these three elements within the physicality and creating a fifth dimensional platform from which to operate within the physical body, within the physical realm, where there are no limitations – only opportunities and options. 

With this brought into the mix now, there is great creative potential that is available in the physical realm, within the physical body. There is a merging now that is occurring in the present time; a merging of the mental and the emotional body. All of this is happening now because they have an understanding and a knowing that they created through accepting the presence of the Holy Spirit.

They have an awareness of their power.  But, they’re very careful with that power to use it from a state of unity consciousness.  They also become very creative, playing with many options.  Through that and through all the merging of the bodies, a completely different thought patterning system and belief system is created. Survival, genetic lineage patterns and lower consciousness thought patterns and fears are no longer even a consideration.

Through all of this merging that is taking place now, the electromagnetic fields are changed to be more compatible and useful in the  fifth dimension. This therefore impacts greatly the physical body itself.  It leaves you great leeway as a creator.  And, this is very exciting in itself.

This is a conversation in preparation for a Level 3 class. Communication through Joan Walker.


Brilliant peice of information. Clear, concise and so, so appropriate right now. This, and part 1, have been very helpful. Thank you!