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The Tenth Ray of Atlantian Knowledge

The Tenth Ray of Atlantian Knowledge

Mastering Alchemy Blog - The Tenth Ray of Atlantian KnowledgeMetatron: The tenth Ray was created after the fall of Atlantis. It was created to be an access point for knowledge that had been lost and was necessary to evolve past third dimensional realities.  The tenth Ray was utilized by beings who have incarnated in service to the earth. And because of the mass destruction that occurred on Atlantis, great segments of knowledge were lost. This knowledge was readily available in those Atlantian times and it was desired that it be preserved for access at a later time from a third dimensional level. So the tenth Ray was created for beings incarnating in service to third dimensional realities to bring about more consciousness and higher realities. It was their service project to uncover some of what was common knowledge on Atlantis. It was through the utilization of this tenth Ray that this was a possibility. It was not so much the scientific knowledge, although this was very much a consideration, but it was more the philosophy.Once these beings incarnated in the denseness of the third dimensional realities, they had to have a way to access this knowledge from the denseness that was present.

These beings were of the consciousness, awareness and spiritual level that they too could access the love,  stability and light frequencies that were available in the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays. It enabled them to access the codes which enabled them to have conscious awareness of this ancient knowledge.

The tenth Ray contains a library of sorts which is all in frequencies of light. It is not in manuscripts or files, it is library of frequencies of light. Configurations of light frequencies. It is similar to, but not the same as the Akashic Records.

It is desired that these beings who come in service bring in this knowledge for humanity; that humans might have a better perspective and access higher awareness through this knowledge. This knowledge provides freedom to think outside the box, so to speak; to access other realities, other ways of thinking, broader spectrums, wider viewpoints. And this is the purpose of the tenth Ray - to stimulate human intellect to be able to embody broader spectrums of thought so that they might be more willing to access higher thought forms. Thus raise the collective consciousness to a higher perspective, which in turn will raise the planet itself. All of these things are the purpose of the creation of the tenth Ray.

Not all beings have access to the tenth Ray. This Ray could be considered a teacher’s Ray, or a way-shower’s Ray. At times it is accessed unconsciously. This happens when teachers of a certain degree acquire information that they know, but have not an understanding how they know. And how they know is through this tenth Ray that they have accessed at an unconscious level.

Now it would be quite helpful to access this Ray in a conscious state because, when this occurs, much more information can be gleaned at a conscious level. In times past, most beings who had access to the tenth Ray, did so on an unconscious level. They had an idea, or inspiration or they knew something and began to focus upon it,. The idea evolved. This is how the tenth Ray was utilized in the early part of your history. Now with the energetics such as they are, many will be able to start to access it on a more conscious level again but it is still a very evolutionary process at this time.

It is important to know that when you have ideas, or intuitive urgings, that you explore these. You are one of these beings who access this Ray on a regular basis at an unconscious level. It is now desired that you come from a space of a more conscious level of accessing this knowledge. It is through beings such as yourself that many who would otherwise not be able to access higher thought forms will begin to. The seed must be planted in your consciousness first. I have done that, so as time progresses, if you will pay attention and be more aware of your ideas and your intuitive knowings, they will become more conscious. And you will develop a process by which you might enter the library of the tenth Ray on a more conscious level.