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Think you know the Law of Attraction? … Think (or feel) again.

Think you know the Law of Attraction? … Think (or feel) again.


Have you ever looked at someone and recognized them as insecure, angry, weak or uncertain? How did you come to that conclusion? And what do others recognize about you? Unfortunately, many words, thoughts and feelings that define you are not of your choosing. Understand the Law of Attraction and the impact of the words you speak and feelings you hold will change how you are seen and how you experience life.


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Part One
Track 1 (25:10) Lecture
Track 2 (14:57) Lecture and Exercise
Track 3 (27:51) Exercise
Track 4 (24:16) Q&A

Complete Part One (01:32:18)

Part One Questions and Answers

  1. I recognize that these positive words live in particular spots in my body.  Am I on the right track?
  2. If our subconscious mind or attention is focused on something without an emotion, will our subconscious thought still manifest?  Are emotions necessary to drive the thought into manifestation?
  3. In Level 1 we raise our vibration by various percentage points.  Isn’t that a high vibration suitable for the Law of Attraction?
  4. So by simply holding my attention on a flower for five minutes each day, I can slowly alter my reality?
  5. Is there a tone, a frequency we can use for the words without wanting to think many thoughts in a morning meditation?
  6.  Is crossing your arms and legs during meditation energetically not OK?
  7.  What if I want to manifest some particular object for me, does keeping a vibration make that happen?
  8.  Is Universe the same as Creator?
  9.  How can I hold my attention on what I want when I have others around me that are not there?
  10. Could you comment on how to draw a new red car to us?

Part Two

Track 1 (37:14) Lecture
Track 2 (26:06) Exercise
Track 3 (24:52) Q&A

Complete Part Two (01:28:13)

Part Two Questions and Answers

  1.  How can I feel this neutrality at work and still function?
  2. Is it best to focus on the feelings and the states of the power words and less so to focus on specific intentions?
  3. Do the words of the triangle attract the benevolence of the universe? What are the useful words and when do we use them?
  4. Why, now that I have tools and understanding of how things work, do things not come to me as quickly as they once did?
  5. I like me a lot but I feel like I’ve been in neutral for too long.
  6. Studying the Law of Attraction makes me focus on what I don’t have. Do I have to fully understand the Law of Attraction before I play with you all?
  7. What can I do to find the thing I want? I’m not in lack, I’m just confused.