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Thought Strings Tool

Thought Strings Tool

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - Thought Strings ToolUriel:  Greetings!  It is I, Uriel.

Jim:  Greetings to you!

Uriel:  I am present with you today to make a re-acquaintance of sorts as it as been some time since I have come in this venue, in this teaching capacity.  I’m very honored that you have been persistent in the unfoldment of this material.  It was unexpected on your part that the timing and the time required would be so long in your time, but I assure you that it was necessary for all of these components, energetically, to come into play.  And, you are seeing this very clearly at this time!

I would like to make a comment to you at this time in regards to your theory on Strings of Thought. [A tool in Level 2]

Jim:  Please.

Uriel:  This is a very valuable piece of information that has been transmitted to you, and that you are beginning to use. It is in this teaching that many will be awakened to their massive thinking process and how that creates reality in various forms and in many different complexities and intensities.  It is through this string equation, that you are developing, that many awaken to a desire and an impetus to examine more thoroughly their thoughts.

There is another component to this.  It is not just about being aware of what you are thinking and feeling; it is about taking that awareness to another level of understanding and another level of use. It is through this “string” dynamic that this is very easily and succinctly seen.  This alone will bring about a change in the state of consciousness to any who will avail themselves to learn it and to use it.

Here again, I would like to go back to what Metatron so succinctly transmitted to you. He said you would have knowings and you would have information that would come to you that sometimes would seem bizarre. This string dynamic is not bizarre!  It’s very plainly a useable dynamic that will change many over the course of the next years.  It is a tool and an example of the energetics that are at work at this time in your realm and in your own personal, evolutionary process.  A bridging is energetically occurring so that you might be the vehicle to bring in this information that will be used in these times.  But much of it, after the bridging is done, is for the generations to come.

That is not to say that some of these energetics and some of this knowledge cannot be used in the realm in which you operate at this time.  You will learn how to bridge the gap, so to speak; you will learn about stepping down energetic patterns so that they can be used in various, dimensional, conceptual realms.  This is to come!

Jim:  Yes. I understand.

Uriel:  It will not come immediately, because there is much groundwork for us to do, just as we have been so diligently working for the last few years of your time.  You will be shown how time is altered and expanded to be used in different ways.  

Mainly my transmission today is to re-acquaint you with my energetic pattern – my presence – and what I have come to present and make available for you. In the next few transmissions, Zadkiel will be the instrumental Being who will come to construct this bridgework that I have spoken of.  Zadkiel is a wonderful Being who possesses many energetic patterns that are very easily transmitted to your realm and your state of awareness. Zadkiel will help you to bridge this work with more ease.

Metatron, Michael, and Melkizadek are also very dynamic parts of these transmissions – even after the bridgework is done. It is through this triad that the bridgework can be sustained in a very coherent way and not be interfered with or disrupted.  They also provide a format for these energetic patterns to be brought in with ease. To continue to reinforce your relationship with this wonderful triad would be to your advantage, energetically. To begin to ask for and merge your energetic with their energetic will be very helpful to you.

Uriel:  I am very pleased that you have been able to make this shift in your awareness and step into this new, creative process with the Strings of Thought.  It will be quite accelerating in the coming months, and there will be times when some of these transmissions will seem to you as if they are slow and lagging, because you are desiring much more information.  But I assure you that is not the  case. Energetically, there is a component always that must be integrated fully and completely to raise you to that unseen level where some of the components of your creation begin to change and expand to the degree where the form begins to dissipate.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.