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Transform into Light

Transform into Light

Jim: Kuthumi, that Unified Field has unlimited possibilities clearly. Is one of the intentions the changing of the carbon element in the physical body into Light?

Kuthumi: Yes, you must open up those channels to allow the light or the energetic components of the light to be actively used by the physical body. That is why these Triads are so important. They open those channels for the light frequencies to be brought into the physicality in such a way that they are usable. The way they are brought in now is very limited. Even though it is perceived that light workers who have been on a spiritual path for a very long time have a very large opening in the crown, that is not totally true. Because of the limitations of the carbon based body, there is a limitation on the type of light frequencies that can be brought in through that crown in a usable way. There is a non-compatibility in the energetic formatting which the Rays of Creation transform. The angelics facilitate that change to be made. As the energetics of the chakra system are activated to certain vibratory levels a larger portion of light can stream into the physical body and begin to change it from the inside out. The Unified Field is key in this because it holds a stability for the light to be held not only around the body but within the body. There are pockets and openings created in that carbon base that are able to absorb certain frequencies of light. Therefore as more and more of those pockets are created, it is easily transformed into more light. Certain frequencies of light must be able to enter into the body in a usable way. 

The spin mechanism and the opening of those charkas to change the chakra’s ability to receive and use light is essential in this process. The Rays of Creation are essential in the transformational process because they bring certain energetic formatting that enhances the body’s ability to maintain higher light frequencies. 

As you begin to work with light to transform the carbon based body, you have to change your concept about light and make it more usable. By making it into liquid golden light it is more easily received by the physical body itself because the physicality is very water-based. So it is more easily usable within the physical body if the light has a liquid format from which to enter and integrate within the physical form. 

It is also no longer a concept of light frequencies but it is actually a very viable aspect that is usable within the physical form and can be used in the organs. It can be interjected into the carbon portion of the formatting of the body to open pockets to allow the light to reside more easily. Here is very mundane example: The carbon in the body is like coal, if you can visualize that. What you are doing then with this liquid light is, you are creating holes within that. It begins to look like a piece of Swiss cheese that has all these little light pockets in it. That is how that transformation is going to take place. That is how the carbon base is going to change to a crystalline base that is light filled and can use light and reflect light in a very coherent way. 

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Jim Self and Kuthumi in preparation for a class.