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Upgrading the First and Second Chakras, Part 2

Upgrading the First and Second Chakras, Part 2

Jim:  In my conversations with numbers of the students, there is a point that I made about turning the corner, in a manner of speaking, and looking at wellbeing in that first chakra as an enormous possibility and a constant state of being, versus looking backward at survival. In a way, we’re really at this very specific turning point now.  And, if that concept can be absorbed, integrated, allowed, this is going to accelerate from here very quickly.

Kuthumi:  Yes. This is possible because of steps that are being taken now, the shift and expansion of thought and how it applies to that individual Soul’s expression and experience of their physical life.  Survival is a limitation put on the body to keep it separate. When you add vitality and radiance and Light and unlimitedness, you create a totally different template. The energetics change because from that perspective, you add the proper emotional response that heightens it, expands it and adds great movement to it; thus creating a different electromagnetic field from which to operate.

There are a number of new first chakra words that you could employ in this regard. The students then will be motivated to create more and look within themselves to see what they have done with that eighth Ray in disengaging some of that patterning that’s held them very firmly in the third dimension. They then can begin to create new patterns to replace what they have disengaged, so that they operate in a much different state of consciousness and energetic field.  The field is excited and very vibrant.

Jim:  So words like passion, enjoyment , enthusiasm, become states of being that are very normal.  Rather than a word like hope.

Kuthumi:  Yes.  Hope is no longer in the equation. Hope itself, in the way that is normally equated in third dimension, is very limiting. Hope is elevated to a whole different reality, where it is not limited.  It no longer is, “well, I hope this will change”.  Changing this and changing the energetic patterning and templates bring about the change in the now.  It is not in the future.  It is now that they are creating this, and it is very exciting.

In the next week or two you can work with these students in creating these templates and this new electromagnetic field with the mental and emotional bodies. It will a very short time-space before they are able to merge their mental and emotional bodies and begin to operate very succinctly from that state of consciousness, using that body in a unit very efficiently.

From this standpoint, the third and fourth chakras are also engaged from a different state of consciousness and begin to operate within a different electromagnetic field. That power is then used properly. It is used in proper alignment  with compassion and the Love that resides in the Sacred Heart. But, the first two chakras have to be addressed and be brought into that new energetic field first, along with the use of the fourth, fifth, and sixth, Rays and the eighth Ray. Plus changing the belief in the template from which their physical body operates.

Jim: This is where the weaving of the eighth Ray and the El Shaddai can now be blended as a stepping stone to clear the way so that these aspects of vitality, passion, enthusiasm can be seeded properly to grow.

Kuthumi: Correct. And, the other aspect is the Presence of the Holy Spirit. This opens that field even more so that the Soul begins to experience more of itself in the physical realm.  The expression of the Soul takes on a greater magnitude and awareness.  More of it is accessed.  They begin to know themselves from a Soul level because they have changed and altered the energetic field that is held in the physical realm.

This is an excerpt from conversation in preparation for a Level 3 class. Communication through Joan Walker.