Using the Cube, Color and Light to Create - Part One | Mastering Alchemy

Using the Cube, Color and Light to Create - Part One

Using the Cube, Color and Light to Create - Part One

Greetings, it is I, Zadkiel. I have come today to continue what Michael had started in regard to the cube. It is desired that we add some things to what has been given in the last few sessions.  Now I know you have questions, so I will take them at this time and address them before we proceed.

Jim:  Thank you. Earlier in my example of the cube being an environment that allows for creation to occur, that environment is a foundation that is fundamentally built right into the cube. Is this correct?

Zadkiel:  Correct. And it is a very fertile environment because not only does it bring those frequencies held with geometries, but it brings them in (and I don’t want to put you off by this) great complexities which provide a very expansive way to create. You have many options.
Jim: Where I’ve been teaching and expanding this, we’ve gone from the octahedron to the star tetrahedron and now the cube.  The complexities and choices that are allowed in each one of those previous geometries are now contained within the cube. And having mastered that level of flexibility in each of those previous levels of geometry just enhances the fertileness of the cube’s opportunities? Is that correct?

Zadkiel:  That is correct.

Jim:  Ok, I am pleased with where this is going.

Zadkiel:  By utilizing the flexibility and the versatility that is present in the cube you are able to expand to a much greater degree, any creative effort that you are employing at the time.  With this comes some great responsibility. The impact is quite extensive in the physical realm and outside of the physical realm.  There is a great responsibility that goes with the creative process when you employ these elements.  It is required, that in order to access and employ these technologies, that you be able to access states of consciousness between the sixth and seventh dimensional levels.  You can have the awareness and some of the knowledge and reside in a fifth dimensional consciousness, but you must be able to access the sixth and seventh in order to begin to initialize and utilize the applications.  By working with the Triads and installing a more unified field in the Lightbody, you can access various levels of consciousness through the axiational and axitonal poinst. This puts you in the realm where you have the ability and availability of creating in a more complex way.

Because of the many variances and complexities, it has not only a great impact on your creation, it has an impact on you as a spiritual being and your state of consciousness. You are able to stabilize a state of awareness in a more succinct and viable way, just by utilizing the cube and some of the complex applications.  You will begin to notice as you play with these applications, how your state of consciousness changes, and how old patterns are changed through using some of these applications through the eighth Ray. You’ll notice how these patterns are eliminated almost instantaneously, and there is no ego state that falls back into a habitual pattern, because it has been totally impacted and eliminated. Through the use of the eighth Ray,  the cube, color and sound vibrations that have been raised to such a level will create an environment that will no longer sustain that pattern.

When I say instantaneous, I mean instantaneous. The vibrations that are applied from the sound current into the cube sets it in motion. You are not having to apply the technique used in the fourth, fifth and sixth Rays through thought and emotion to produce an outcome. The cube, sound currents, color and light patterns  have set this in motion from the beginning of your creation.  It is a more accelerated and less tedious form of creation.  However, with this application, as I have stated, comes responsibility.  It is through this creative mechanism (the cube and eighth, ninth and tenth Rays) that anomalies were created This creative mechanism does not demand of the creator, the precise attention as you must make while creating with the fourth, with and sixth Rays.  It is very easy to create anomaly that is not what your initial intention was.  And it is created almost instantaneously.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course. Next week: Part 2