Using the Cube, Color and Light to Create - Part Two | Mastering Alchemy

Using the Cube, Color and Light to Create - Part Two

Using the Cube, Color and Light to Create - Part Two

A Course in Mastering Alchemy Blog - Using the Cube, Color and Light to Create - Part TwoJim:  Ok, so the intention is well thought out and clear and I, as a creator, am very present in the moment, without being scattered. I lay out the intention and then apply, in a very focused manner, the sound, color and light. Will the harmonics line up without me having to know the exact color or sound range that I need?  Let’s say I use a red but a pink would have been a more appropriately alignment. Would that pink appear with the intention or would it just simply short out because I didn’t know the level of intensity of color that I might have needed?

Zadkiel:  No, you will have the awareness of what is necessary when you begin to work and practice with these various applications. You will have an awareness that comes into your field. The intensity or the color range will be a clear choice.  And it is through the experiencing and experimenting with these applications that you learn when a certain level is desired.

It is the same in sound.  For example, if you are sounding a certain note, the vibration of that note, affects your creation.  The intenseness, the vibratory level, the volume, must be adjusted because it is not needed at as high a vibratory level when you are only wishing to have a lower expression.  There will be a time that you will experience the result of your creation as a little more, or less,  than what you had desired. Until you have practice and experience and have a state of consciousness to go along with that experience, your application will be limited to what you might call minor applications. This allows you to go in and adjust as necessary and the outcome will not be catastrophic.

The applications that you will be working with at the beginning will be concerned with non-physical application. They do also apply to physical application; the creation of physicality.  They can apply to creating actually many physical things. This is the process that was used in creating star systems and  worlds of various types.  In the beginning you, as a creator, will be shown techniques and applications that are of a non-physical nature but will still have an effect on you and your world experience.  They will not be of a nature that will be highly detrimental or catastrophic, because they will be contained.  Your applications will be contained in a field of energy where your learning can take place in a very safe environment.

Also in operating in this field, it will be useful for you to review how certain sound notes affect certain chakras.  For you to review this type of thing before our next conversation will be very useful.  The last thing that we will be adding is the variations of light frequencies change and magnify the energetics that are present in sound and color. And the geometrical formations created through sound and color vibration can be adhered to your original container of the cube to experience many variances.  You will be able to see this as you begin to work with these various components.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.