What is Alchemy? Part Three | Mastering Alchemy

What is Alchemy? Part Three

What is Alchemy? Part Three

Excerpt from the new book A Course in Mastering Alchemy:
Applying the element of Love.
Love is an interesting and very, very misunderstood word in the third dimension. Love, in real terms, does not and cannot exist in the third-dimensional state of reaction and resistance. Love is open-ended, fluid, expansive, radiant and powerful, whereas the third dimension is rigid, restrictive, conditional and reactive. Love, as a feeling, and a powerful creative tool, only begins to be present and available to you in the fourth dimension. 

Love has no end. Love is beauty. Love is your inner smile. Love is the power that moves the wind and pushes the ocean waves. Love is what holds the planets in their orbits. But most importantly, Love is the creative expression within each of us that creates. Love has no sword. Love does not apply force and it does not restrict or limit possibility.

As you become masterful at changing the frequency of thought from the heavy absolutes of the third dimension to the alternate possibilities and new choices of the fourth, you will begin to find a joy within your heart. This joy carries with it new possibilities of more enjoyable outcomes for all. You will begin to become conscious of this ever-expanding element of Love. When you start to recognize and experience the higher forms of Love in the fourth and higher dimensions, you will be able to apply these forms of Love to your creations.

So what are the higher forms of Love and how can you begin to experience them? Like many things in the higher dimensions, there are few third-dimensional words that adequately describe them. Beauty is perhaps the easiest example to help you start to experience and anchor this Love. Beauty is a fourth-dimensional experience. It is experienced using the third-dimensional senses of the physical body (for example, a sunset looks beautiful, music sounds beautiful, and so on), but it moves within and through the spiritual body. Beauty is an inner sense or feeling rather than an observation. 

Higher forms of Love can only be accessed when you already exist in the higher levels of consciousness. Higher Beauty is the recognition and appreciation of the grandness of All That Is. It may occur while you appreciate a lovely waterfall, but it is not about what you see with your eyes. It is expansive and not physical. For example, have you ever had a moment where you felt expanded and part of everything – a moment of such unification that you were unaware of your physicality? Those moments, which can occur during a great meditation or while listening to music or being in nature, are moments that you can remember, recreate and anchor in order to begin to experience and apply the elements of Higher Love.

Creating a desired result
As you play with and practise the three aspects of alchemy that Metatron offers, you will create your desired result. You will become aware of the way of life that is now available to you. You will begin to trust and open your heart again. You will become conscious of that inner smile that resides within you. A huge awareness will return to you, and you will begin to rediscover your connection with All That Is. You will experience compassion, co-creation and cooperation. You will begin to find alignment and your inner smile will start to take over your life. You will rewire yourself and reawaken. You will reclaim that bigger, grander part of who you are.

This is where the true magic of this course lies – in the recreation of yourself, in the building of your Living Light body.

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