What is Alchemy? Part Two | Mastering Alchemy

What is Alchemy? Part Two

What is Alchemy? Part Two

Excerpt from the new book A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Altering the harmonics of matter is not complicated, but to do this successfully it is essential to understand and master changing the frequency of thought. Learning to observe without reacting and allowing your feelings to be more fluid and at a higher vibration is necessary to the process.

Let’s start simply. Thoughts have density. Once dense enough, thoughts materialize. If you are continuously holding negative thoughts, soon they will become dense and drop into matter. Often these “densified” thoughts show up in the world of form as physical illness or emotional/mental imbalance. Other times they appear as uncomfortable events or situations. Therefore changing those thought forms is the first step in altering the harmonics of matter.

Changing the harmonics of matter requires changing the frequency or tone of thought. To begin with, transforming your version of an ugly thought can be challenging. It has taken many years to build and anchor this negative thought in your life, so be patient and allowing with yourself.

How to accelerate your awareness
Notice how you speak, and the words you choose to use in conversation with others. By choosing words that feel better in your speech, and in your mouth, you will begin to become more aligned with wellbeing, as well as less restricted in your choices. Consciously choose more interesting words – words that feel good as you speak them. It will be the speaking of these words that will move you into the fourth dimension with ease and balance. Choosing these words will also allow you to more artfully change the direction of conversations before they start veering toward fear, worry and problems. This is a very enjoyable skill to develop.

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